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Acaia Calibration Kit


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The Acaia Calibration Kit is the only kit you’ll need to run the full range of calibrations and diagnostics to ensure your Acaia scales are at their optimum performance. 

When you begin to understand just how powerful and accurate the Acaia range of scales are, you soon realise how a small fluctuation in the measuring of weight can have a protracted effect on the final reading of that weight. 

Using the complete Calibration Kit allows you to calibrate your Acaia Scales beyond just the smart calibration. A Linear Calibration tests the precision and accuracy of the complete range of your Acaia scales, all the way up to 2kgs. This uses four separate weights across the four load cells, as opposed to a singular weight over four load cells. As standard,  scales can be calibrated to a single point but become less accurate away from this point. Linear calibration will ensure this does not happen.

The second calibration is called Creeping Calibration, this test ensures your scales can accurately measure the same weight over a period of 30 minutes without the load cells essentially tiring out and begin to fluctuate the reading. Acaia scales can be calibrated to read the ‘tiring amount’ and compensate for its difference through Creeping calibration. 

All of these calibration tests must be carried out on a vibration-free, flat and even surface. You’ll find a spirit level included in the full kit to ensure your tests are carried out for the best results.

Linear and Creeping Calibration are tested at the factory however with extended use or accidental handling it is recommended to recalibrate your Acaia scales regularly.

Acaia Calibration Kit Features

High-precision accuracy — Manufactured under the same strict quality standards as the Acaia scales.

Quality Trusted Calibration— Using 4 x 500g Acaia Weights and the spirit level, you’ll know your scales are performing as good as new. 

Full Manual for Calibration — Learn how to test your scales and run the full manufacturing standards of scale calibrations.

This product includes:

  • 4 x 500g Acaia Weights
  • 1 x Compact 3-way Spirit Level
  • Hard Case box

The Specifics

Dimensions 25 x 18 x 5.5
Weight 2.68 kg

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