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Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale- White

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The Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale – White is a scale that can weigh your coffee and water without delay, give you insights about your brewing habits, and count time for you? The Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale is one of the most beautiful and functional gram scales in the world.

Never over-pour again with the Acaia Pearl’s rapid 20 millisecond response time. The scale can also measure weight down to a tenth of a gram, enabling users to brew coffee with accuracy to achieve a balanced brew. These two features, along with the embedded stopwatch, make the Pearl a powerful friend in the coffee brewer’s kitchen.

The bluetooth-enabled Acaia Pearl can collect your brewing information and give you insights into your recipes and habits via Android and iOS apps. The apps also allow you to see others’ recipes and share your own with the world.

The Acaia Pearl White Scales include a mini-usb rechargeable battery that lasts for weeks, thanks to the auto-shutoff feature that kicks in once the brewing is complete – but not before. You can adjust the auto-shutoff timing and other settings in the apps.

Acaia Pearl White Features

20 Millisecond Response Time – No reading delay means more accurate brewing.

Reads Every 0.1 Gram – No more winging it. Now you can brew with precision like a pro.

Embedded Stopwatch – The scale counts time so you don’t have to.

Rechargeable Battery – Just plug it in and you’re set.

Auto Power Options – Customize the auto-off setting in the app.

Supporting Apps – Change settings, see your pouring rate, and share your recipes with the Acaia apps.

This product includes includes:

  • 1 Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale – White
  • 1 Mini-USB Cable
  • 1 Acaia Heat Insulation Pad

The Specifics

  • Dimensions: 160mm(W) x 160mm(L) x 32mm(H)
  • Aprox. Weight: 462g
  • Measures In: Grams, Ounces
  • Capacity: 4.4 lbs / 2kg

Available Styles:

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