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Aillio Bullet R1 V2 Coffee Roaster


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Aillio’s Bullet R1 V2 is one of the most powerful, accurate and precise coffee roasters to be available for small batch roasting. It’s a true drum roaster, amazingly capable considering it’s a standard 10amp power point that includes the parameters and control you achieve from a commercial roaster.

Using patented induction-heating coil technology to improve the consistency and efficiency of heat, this eliminates energy waste, effectively transforming the Bullet R1 into one of the greenest roasters whilst drastically increasing the responsiveness of the machine mid-roast, lending it a feel more akin to gas roasters.

The Bullet R1 V2 includes brand new, patent-pending infrared bean temperature sensors (IBTS) which, in a world-first, offers lag-free, ultra-accurate roast profiling, unaffected by batch size. Controlling the 1kg capacity, through a touchpad interface makes it easier than ever to adjust power, airflow and drum speed with precision and with every change you make during a roast — whether through the software or manually, it’s logged.

Aillio’s free proprietary software, named RoasTime can be used on Mac, PC, and Linux systems. RoasTime software does much more than monitor, control and log your roasts, it also allows you to playback roasts automatically or alternatively, to create your own “Roast Recipes” that trigger automatic changes in Power, Fan, and Drum settings according to either time or bean temperature parameters during the course of a roast curve.

Aillio Bullet R1 V2 Coffee Roaster FEATURES

Revolutionary Small Batch Roasting – Extremely sensitive for precision to produce outstanding quality roasts.

Power Efficient – An Induction Coil heating system with over 95% energy efficiency.

1kg Batch Size – The total capacity for the Multi-vane, 5.9L solid metal drum.

Ultra Accurate Roast Profiling – Using Infrared Bean temperature sensors (IBTS).

Wood-Accented Tryer – For a superior feel and intuitive hands-on roasting approach.

Highest Quality Construction – Aillio selects components that are built to last.

Roast Software Included – RoasTime is the full package for any roasting enthusiast. 

Connect with other Roasters – Using RoasTime stay connected via Roast.World online platform.


  • Aillio Bullet R1 V2 Coffee Roaster
  • Bean Cooling Tray
  • Aillio Toolkit


Batch Capacity1Kg Green Beans Max
Power Supply230-240V AC 50/60Hz
Heating Wattage1550W
Dimensions (cm)Roaster: (W) 31 (D) 59 (H) 42 

With Bean Cooler Attached: (W) 31 (D) 72 (H) 42

Roast CapacityMin: 100g – Max: 1kg
Monthly Roasting Capacity100kg
Chamber MaterialStainless Steel
HeatingInduction Heating
AirDExhaust Fan: 78mm removable aluminum centrifugal fan for easy cleaning
Temperature Control 0ºC – 245ºC


See the unboxing of the Aillio Bullet R1 V2 Roaster below:


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