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Airscape Classic Red


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The Airscape Classic Red will keep your perishable foods fresher for longer so you can get the benefits of quality freshness straight out of the storage container. In Australia it’s a necessity to use airtight containers. Airscape canisters are not only airtight, but they take it one step further.

With its patented lid design the Airscape removes and locks out the air from the container, making sure that your food storage is protected. Using an air valve, the Airscape lid forces out the air as you push down on the inner lid, releasing the air from the container. You can then close the valve to lock out the air and lock in the freshness.

Coffee storage is just as important as how its brewed. It’s got to stop oxygen & humidity from spoiling the freshness, and block deteriorating UV rays. Reusable & re-fillable, they are the optimal dry goods storage solution.

A durable, stainlesssteel body makes the Airscape strong and sturdy to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen, while resisting stains and minimising odour retention. The BPA-free, clear top lid allows you to see how much you have left in the container, and allows for easy storage and stacking.

Airscape Classic Red Features

Strong, Durable Materials Made from stainless steel. This is an extremely durable, food-safe, thermal material.

Increase Shelf life of Perishables – Free from oxygen & sunlight food will spoil slower than normal. 

BPA-Free Plastic The inner lids are constructed of a durable BPA-Free plastic and the outer lids of UV resistant acrylic.

Easy to Clean Airscape containers are all easy to keep clean. It is recommended to clean by hand, so you can keep it sparkling clean.

Canister for any ingredient – Store tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, nuts, dog food and anything else that you need to keep freshly stored away.

This Product Includes

  • Airscape Classic Red Container
  • Airscape Classic Lid

The Specifics

Materialsstainless steel, BPA-Free plastic, acrylic, silicon seal
DimensionsSmall – 107mm (H) x 125mm (D)

Medium – 175mm (H) x 125mm (D)

Large – 203mm (H) x 175mm (D)

CapacitySmall – 250g Whole Beans / 950ml Liquid

Medium –  500g Whole Beans / 1.8L Liquid

Large – 1.1kg Whole Beans / 3.55L Liquid

ManufacturersPlanetary Design

Recommended Additions

Available Sizes

  • 250g Small
  • 500g Medium

Please note: Large 8″size only available in Charcoal (Black), Chalk White, and Ash Grey

Available Styles

See Airscape in Action with Josh from Alternative Brewing below!


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