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Badass Nitro Cold Brew Barrel


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Add a creative new offering to your menu with the Badass Nitro Cold Brew Barrel. This simple, 20L-capacity nitro coffee brewer is perfect for cafes, coffee carts, and restaurants that want to offer their customers nitro cold brew—one of the fastest growing cold brew drinks in today’s market.

This nitro barrel really is badass (it’s not just a marketing thing). The innovative device breaks the barrier between giant nitro tower and cafes without much space, making nitro cold brew accessible to all. And with the 20L capacity, you still don’t have to worry about having to constantly re-make the nitro all day long.

Basic Badass Nitro Cold Brew Barrel Instructions:

  • Mix 5 Litres of concentrate with 15 Litres of ice cold: water, milk and/or coconut water
  • Pour into the Badass Barrel
  • Add carbon dioxide or nitrogen cartridges and initiate the brew

The Badass Barrel is deceptively simple to use, but is built and functions just like a commercial-level machine. The refridgeration function keeps your nitro a steady 1-4 degrees Celsius so your brew’s always ready to go and free from the risk of going bad.

The digital display keeps you updated on power, temperature, and brew status. The small footprint means you don’t have to sacrifice a large area of counterspace.

Connect To A Beer Tower With The Upgrade Kit

Particularly low on space? With the Upgrade Kit you can set the Badass Barrel below the counter and connect it to a thinner beer tower that looks professional and takes up less space.

Badass Nitro Cold Brew Barrel Features

Iced Nitro Coffee On Tap — Serve rich and bubbly nitro coffee on demand with this powerful and innovative device.

Simple To Operate — Straightforward process puts nitro coffee in your hands with minimal effort.

Digital Display — Clearly see the temperature, brew status, and other settings.

20L Capacity — Perfect for cafes, coffee carts, and restaurants.

Constant Cool Temp — Keeps your nitro coffee refrigerated to preserve flavors and keep the brew safe to drink for hours and hours.

Small Footprint — Smaller than any other nitro dispenser to meet the needs of business owners who are already low on space.

Optional Upgrade Kit — Allows you to connect your Badass Barrel to a full-on beer tower.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Badass Nitro Cold Brew Barrel
    • 1 x Badass Barrel
    • 1 x 5L Measuring Jug
    • 1 x Funnel
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 2 x Badass Cleaner (2 x 250ml)
    • 1 x Nitrogen Regulator with Type 50 Stem – Australian Standard
    • 1 x Stout Tap
    • 1 x Tap Spanner
    • 1 x Lid Spanner
    • 1 x Tap Brush
    • 12 Month Warranty
    • Extra: 1x 5 Litre (FREE) Cold Press Concentrate (Ratio 3:1) – Makes 20 Litres Nitro Brew.
  • 1 x Upgrade Kit (SOLD SEPARATELY)
    • 1 x Chrome Brage Beer Tower
    • 1 x SPC Quick Connect
    • 1 x 2 Metres of Beer Line
    • 1 x 2 Metres of Insulation (for Beer Line) 1 x Badass Barrel Interlink

The Specifics

Capacity20 Litres
Voltage (V)240V 50Hz 0.3A
Dimensions460mm x 680mm x 400mm
IPIP 24 Protection
Range1oC – 4oC – Degrees Celsius

Recommended Additions

The Badass Barrel requires one of the following gases:

 Nitrogen

  •   Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide Mix (90% Nitrogen / 10% CO2)
  •   Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide Mix (70% Nitrogen / 30% CO2)
  •   Carbon Dioxide for sparkling coffee


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