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Bellman Espresso & Steamer - CX 25P

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The Little Guy Induction Top

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We’ve been asked so many times “What is the perfect heat source for the Bellman?” So we have paired together the Bellman and the Little Guy induction top.

Careful consideration was given to the optimum heating solution and induction was chosen for its accuracy and efficiency. the Little Guy induction top is an instrument specifically developed to drive the Bellman precisely in a reputed performance.

With the Bellman Espresso & Steamer CX 25P, you’ll never be a few simple steps away from rich and delicious espresso and steamed milk. Create espresso and steamed milk that will rival your favorite local cafe – all with the heat of your stove.

This espresso maker brews espresso that’s akin to the stove top espresso you could get from a moka pot. It’s intense, it’s topped with crema, and it’s great alone or paired with milk. Brew anywhere from 3-9 cups and serve the whole crew.

The attached pressure gauge lets you know exactly when enough pressure is built up to brew a balanced shot. It also tells you just the right moment to stop brewing.

The cafe-style steam wand is designed to rival commercial espresso machines. With it, you’ll be able to create that creamy, silky steamed milk you love in cappuccinos and flat whites.


The Specifics

  • Materials: 18/10 Stainless Steel, Durable Bakelite
  • Dimensions: 17 × 21.5 × 20.5cm
  • Compatible: Gas, Electric, Induction, Campfire


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