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Bezzera Mitica Top Coffee Machine


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Bring the core elements of stunning, pro-level espresso to your home with the Bezzera Mitica Top Coffee Machine. Featuring the classic E61 group head, a 2L heat exchange boiler, and the ability to use the included 4L tank or be plumbed-in, it’s the perfect prosumer machine for espresso lovers who want to brew quality-forward espresso but don’t need all the extra bells and whistles.

Pulling Shots With The Bezzera Mitica Top

Hot water continually flows through the E61 group, ensuring it’s always a steady temperature. And thanks to the internal mechanics, there’s also a brief pre-infusion that improves the flavour and balance of each shot.

A dual-needle gauge keeps you always up-to-date on your boiler and steam pressure, so you never accidentally pull a low-pressure shot again.

A Reliable, Minimal Experience

When your shot is pulled, the 360° steam wand (and hot water want) allows you to steam milk with maximum comfort and control. And with the cup warmer atop the machine, you’ll never have to worry about pulling hot espresso into a cold cup.

The 2L heat exchange boiler is also known for maintaining a steady temperature, and when paired with either the 4L water tank or plumbed-in water line, it won’t leave you without hot water anytime soon.

Bezzera Mitica Top Coffee Machine Features

Beloved E61 Group — The classic group head design is known for its temperature stability and built-in pre-infusion, both of which improve your espresso quality.

Heat Exchange Boiler — 2L boiler helps you pull shots and steam milk at the same time.

360° Steam + Hot Water Wands — Swivel all the way around for fast and flexible control.

Tanked or Plumbed — Use either the generous 4L water tank or plumb the machine directly into your water line.

Dual-Needle Gauge — Know the pressure of both the boiler and the pump in real time.

Cup Warmer — Keeps your mugs nice and hot.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Bezzera Mitica Top Coffee Machine

The Specifics

Boiler Heat Exchange, 2L
Water Tank 4L, Plumbed-In
Pump Rotary
Pre-Infusion No
Voltage 220-240
Dimensions 320mm (W) x 450mm (D) x 400mm (H)
Weight 30kg

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