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Brewista Cold Pro Complete Kit

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Made with busy cafes and restaurants in mind, the Brewista Cold Pro Complete Kit is designed to brew large batches of cold brew concentrate without inconvenience or mess. By forcing all the coffee grounds to be evenly saturated, this kit ensures that your cold brew concentrate will be rich and balanced.

The 38 litre brewing bucket is large enough to fit Brewista’s patented Lift & Lock draining mechanism, which lifts the filters up and allows the concentrate to drain without you having to hold it. This reduces the waste, mess, and frustration that comes with most commercial cold brew coffee kits.

The Brewista Cold Pro Complete Kit also comes with a permanent filter made of BPA-Free polypropylene and stainless steel. Though this filter performs perfectly on its own, it can be paired with an included paper filter and/or an included poly fiber finishing filter for additional clarity and cleanliness.

The kit also comes with a spigot, a filter holder, and a sample of Brewista’s Cold Brew Cleaner.

Between the the Lock & Lift mechanism, the customizable filtration system, and the smaller perks, this kit provides the simplest way to make large batches of cold brew concentrate for busy settings.

Brewista Cold Pro Complete Kit Features

Balanced Immersion Brewing – Encourages a rich, balanced brew by saturating all coffee grounds evenly.

38 Litre Batch Brewing – Makes large batches of cold brew concentrate for busy cafes and restaurants – this provides a 22.7L practical yield. 

Lift & Lock Easy Draining – Eliminates the spills and inconveniences of lifting the filters by implementing a patented Lift & Lock mechanism that allows the concentrate to drain with ease.

Permanent Filter – Encourages reduced paper waste and clean, heavy-bodied concentrate.

Triple Filtering Option – Can be used with up to three filters for crisp, clean cold brew drinks.

This product includes:

  • 1 38 Litre Bucket w/ Spigot
  • 1 Adapter Ring
  • 1 Permanent Filter
  • 5 Paper Filters
  • 3 Outlet Filters + Filter Holder
  • 1 Cold Pro Cleaner Sample

The Specifics

  • BPA-Free Polypropylene, Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions:  401mm (Upper Diam) x 318mm (Lower Diam) x 439mm (H)
  • Capacity: 38L

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Check out the how to video:

*Please Note – The photo etched stainless steel portion is over molded with polypropylene (plastic). When the piece is removed from the injection molding machine, the polypropylene cools and shrinks slightly while the stainless steel does not. This shrinkage causes the stainless steel to wrinkle, but it will not affect the functionality of the permanent filter.


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