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Brewista GEM Series Porcelain Dripper


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GEM Series Coffee Dripper has won the World Brewers Coffee Championship. Well not exactly the dripper itself but when the World Brewers Championship was decided in 2014, Stefanos Domatiotis from Greece took the coveted title with an incredible score. What was significant about his faultless performance was the Dripper, he himself had designed in an effort to improve upon a timeless design. 

The GEM Series Coffee Dripper, in a collaboration with Brewista’s known for delivering on great products, is an original and high quality produced pour over dripper created to improve yet simplify the careful mistakes that often go unnoticed or overlooked with making pour over coffees. With a lid fully covering the cone, a small hole at the top of the Diamond naturally reduces the ability to accidentally pour down the sides of the filter paper with imprecise pouring. This small radius of pouring increases the consistency in your bloom phase, from brew to brew, as well as lowering the heat loss of the slurry throughout the process.

Stefanos added the usual vertical ribs but also horizontal ribs on the brewer’s inner walls and this helps break up clumped grounds at the bottom of the brew bed and allowing water to flow steadily through by providing a small cavity between the paper filter  and the inner wall of the brewer.


Premium porcelain –  With Superior Heat Retention and maximum thickness to the walls.

Thermo-Stability – Using a lid on top of the brewer traps aromatics in the brew and reduces heat loss of the slurry

Horizontal Ribs – The horizontal ribs starting at the top of the brewer, slow water flow to increase contact time with the coffee

Vertical Ribs  – Deeper vertical ribs go down to the hole, allowing a consistent flow and preventing over-extraction and staling.

Fits most Paper Filters – Suits the standard 2 – 4 Cup Conical Paper Filter.

Easy to Use – The Hood on the Gem promotes the brewer to be more specific in their pouring, increasing the chances of a smooth and sweet brew.


  • Brewista GEM Series Porcelain Dripper


Capacity1 – 4 Cups
Paper Filter CompatibilityHario V60 2 Cup Filters – Here



See Stefanos Domatiotis with the Gem Series Dripper below!


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