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Coffee Socks Disk for AeroPress Coffee Maker (3pk)


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CoffeeSock Aeropress Cotton Filters are a reusable and renewable fabric disc style filter that are economical and simple to use with your Aeropress Coffee maker.

With a pack including 3 CoffeeSock filters and each CoffeeSock filter is made durable enough to withstand more than a year of coffee making. CoffeeSocks offer a reusable alternative to paper and metal filters. 

The end cup of coffee from a CottonSock tastes somewhere between a paper filter brew and a metal filter brew and really borrows the best from both of them. The cotton, whilst it absorbs some of the oils but noticeable releases more than a paper filter; it holds back all the smaller particles in the fibres, that would normally see their way through using a metal disk filter.

The resulting cup is clear, crisp, rich and full bodied without it being too clean or top muddy.  CoffeeSock filters are made with Certified Organic Cotton. Cotton imparts no flavour on the finished brew unlike paper. Made to fit Aeropress and Syphons. Manufactured in the USA.

Coffee Socks Disk for AeroPress (3pk) Features

Reusable and Renewable Filter – With upwards of 3 years of filtration in every pack.

Best from both Worlds Flavours – With the clarity of a paper filter, but with more oils, and without the sediments of the Metal filter, with all the mouthfeel.

Easy cleanup – Just empty grounds, rinse, and hang to thoroughly dry

Cost Effective Alternative – High quality and less expensive than many filter alternatives

This Product Includes

  • Coffee Socks Disk for AeroPress (3pk)

The Specifics

  • Material – Organic Cotton; Responsibly produced, renewable resource.
  • Dimensions: 63mm (Ø)



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