Compak E8 OD Grinder

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Designed for busy cafes that need a bit of extra grinding power, the Compak E8 OD Grinder features 83mm flat burrs, a touch screen display, a user-friendly grind setting collar, and an efficient motor that grinds coffee rapidly.

The 83mm flat burrs, paired with the powerful 730W motor, are capable of producing 7g of espresso grounds in just 1.6 seconds. The grind setting can be adjusted using the stepless grind collar, which features a protruding arm that makes the process smooth, fast, and comfortable.

The collar is attached to a parallel burr mechanism that keeps the burrs perfectly aligned. This reduces micro-wobble and improves grind uniformity, resulting in better, more controlled espresso.

The Compak E8 OD’s touch screen allows you to set two dosing options, set reminders for burr replacements, and counts both full and partial shots. Beneath the display is the LED-lit coffee outlet, which allows you to see your workspace well in low-light situations.

Just below the outlet sits if the universal portafilter holder that can be adjusted to fit any portafilter size. An internal fan keeps the grinder a steady temperature, even in hot environments.

Compak E8 OD Grinder Features

83mm Flat Burrs — Powerful steel burrs grind 7g of espresso in a quick 1.6 seconds.

Touch Screen Display — The touch display enables you to set burr replacement reminders, counts full and partial shots, and determine two dose options.

Stepless Grind Setting Collar — Comfortable, precise and quick to use thanks to the protruding arm and smooth surfaces.

Parallel Burr Mechanism — Ensures the burrs are perfectly aligned at all times to reduce micro-wobbling and improve grind uniformity.

Adjustable Portafilter Holder — Can be adjusted to fit any portafilter size.

LED-Lit Coffee Outlet — Ensures you can see your workspace while grinding, reducing the risk of spillage in low-light environments.

Cooling Fan — Keeps the grinder a steady temperature, even in high-volume settings.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Compak E8 OD Grinder

The Specifics

Time Per 7g Dose1.6 Seconds
Hopper Capacity1.7kg
DimensionsHxWxD / 635 x 215 x 400 (MM)

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  • Matt White
  • Matt Black


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