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Compak K10 Master Conic Grinder

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Designed with professional baristas in mind, the Compak K10 Master Conic Grinder features powerful 68mm conical burrs, a dual-fan system, and a user-friendly grind adjustment collar to empower baristas to brew amazing, balanced espresso.

The grinder’s 68mm conical burrs are razor sharp, capable of producing 7g of espresso grounds in just 1.6 seconds. The burrs are perfectly aligned with the patented parallel locking mechanism that ensures your grounds are as consistent as possible.

The grind setting can be changed using the stepless grind adjustment collar. It’s not only smooth, but the protruding arm makes it comfortable, quick, and precise. The ergonomic aluminum doser is also designed with the barista’s workflow in mind, reducing the amount of wrist strain and maximizing efficiency.

With a fan next to the 950W motor and another cooling the burrs, you’ll never have to worry about a warm environment manipulating your grind setting ever again.

Compak K10 Master Conic Grinder Features

68mm Conical Burrs — Razor sharp and precisely calibrated to grind 7g of espresso grounds in just 1.6 seconds.

Double Ventilation System — One fan cools the motor and the other cools the burrs, ensuring building heat doesn’t mess with your grind.

Stepless Grind Adjustment Collar — Smooth with a protruding arm to make grind adjustments quick, precise, and comfortable.

Ergonomic Doser — Fast and simple to use, keeping your baristas comfortable and moving efficiently.

Parallel Locking Burrs — Keeps the two burrs perfectly aligned to ensure there’s no wobble and no inconsistencies in your coffee grounds.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Compak K10 Master Conic Grinder

The Specifics

Time Per 7g Dose1.6 Seconds
Hopper Capacity1.7kg
DimensionsHxWxD / 680 x 215 x 400 (MM)

Recommended Additions

Available Styles

  • Matt White
  • Matt Black


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