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Espresso Parts Bench Top Milk Jug Rinser Long


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Espresso Parts Milk Jug Rinser, Bench Top, Long Drain Tray

Enhance your barflow with the Espresso Parts Bench Top Milk Jug Rinser Long. Featuring an extended body, a low-profile design, and a extra-powerful water valve, this rinser’s a strong companion to cafes who need strength, yet subtlety.

The new and improved steel water valve system shoots out cold water with even greater power, which speeds up the rinsing process. Now, all it takes is 1-2 seconds to thoroughly rinse any milk jug, mug, or server, which means you never have to run back to the sink to get a clean pitcher between drinks again.

The extended length gives you extra space to store additional milk jugs while they drip dry. From here, they’re also ready to be grabbed and used at a moment’s notice. The low-profile bench top design looks great on any counter and is comfortable for frequent use by baristas. It also means you can move the rinser if necessary without leaving a giant hole in your bar.

The stainless steel and BPA-Free plastic build will serve you for years and is NSF International Certified, so you know it’s safe for long-term use in a cafe.

Installation Notes

Please note: This is shipped as the rinser only and does not come with the water inlet hose, drain hose, PLV or any other fitting which may be required.

A 350kpa PLV is recommended for all installations. This is to alleviate the possibility of the valve weeping or leaking under the higher pressure and to reduce the possibility of the seal being blown up over the feed holes and restricting the water flow.

We recommend flushing the feed water lines to the rinser before installation especially on new water lines, this is to prevent any debris getting in to the valve and holding the seal of the seat and causing the valve to leak.

Espresso Parts Bench Top Milk Jug Rinser Long Features

Rapid Jug Rinsing — Clean used milk jugs in seconds with a powerful blast of cold water.

Extended Length — Allows you to set jugs along the rinser to drip dry and be ready for quick use.

Improved Water Pressure — New steel valve system enables even more powerful rinsing.

Low-Profile Design — Sits atop your bench with a low-profile for a smooth, professional look.

Long-Lasting Construction — Built from stainless steel and durable food-grade plastic.

NSF International Certified — Approved safe for use in food service settings.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Espresso Parts Bench Top Milk Jug Rinser Long

The Specifics

MaterialsStainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic
Dimensions610mm x 175mm x 25mm
Drain Connector1/2″ Barb Fitting
Water Connector3/8″ John Guest Press Fitting

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