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Gaggia Cadorna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine

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The Gaggia Cadorna Plus is the next best thing to having your own personal Barista on the machine at home. A Bean to Cup Automatic machine, With 6 Pre-set Beverages all customizable to your preferred strength and volumes, 4 User Profiles to save your favorite drinks ready at the press of a button and milk steaming capabilities that rival any regular espresso machine.

Thanks to an intuitive, easy to follow and full colour picture based, large screen interface, you’re able to navigate your way straight out of bed to select the coffee you always love to drink. The Soft-to-touch buttons give the Cadorna a superior quality feel that will guide you through customisation and controls to superbly brew upto 14 different drinks quick and easy.. The in-built technology will also alert you to when it’s needing beans and water.

Italian Espresso at the Push of a Button

Espresso Coffee from the Cadorna Plus is rich and full bodied, as a result of pre-infusion at the group head that opens up the coffee’s flavour and body. In using the Optiroma settings you can further add complexity of flavor to your coffee by adjusting the amount of ground coffee added to each espresso. The height of the brew group is adjustable up or down to ensure heat and crema preservation.

Steaming the perfect quality cafe style micro-foamed Milk

Even easier on the Cadorna, steaming milk is  lightning fast thanks to a stainless steel boiler to provide strong long lasting steam. Controlling the results of your milk goes a long way to ensure consistency and provides the brewing experience for you while giving you functions to fine tune your journey as a home barista.

Gaggia are a world renowned manufacturer of espresso machines since the early 1930’s, and still till this day, every Gaggia Machine is designed and made in Italy. All their machines are designed to last and the Gaggia Cadorna Plus has it all, with a removable brewing unit and water tank with automated cleaning cycles and decaling alerts to clean your machine, your care and maintenance of an impressive coffee maker are all taking care of so it doesn’t miss a beat.

Gaggia Cadorna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine FEATURES

Reputation for Success  – Gaggia knows Espresso. Making Espresso machines tailored to perfect the drinking experience. 

4 User Programmable Settings – Save your preferred drinks to 1 of 4 quick brew buttons. Ideal for a household of coffee lovers.

6 Pre-Set Beverages – Ristretto, Espresso, Espresso Lungo, Coffee, Long Black & Hot water. 

Intuitive Interface – With Picture Based Guidance, it’s very easy to customise and control.

10 Grinder Setting – To maximise and moderate the flavour from your espresso brewing.


  • Gaggia Cadorna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine
  • Measuring spoon
  • Cleaning brush 
  • Intenza+ Water Filter
  • Brew group grease
  • Grinder Adjustment Key


MaterialsABS / Stainless Steel
Coffee Bean Capacity300g
Water Tank Capacity1.5L
Weight9 KG
Power Supply230V 50HZ 1400W
Pump Pressure15 bar
Automatic CyclesRinsing, Descaling, & Milk Circuit
Removable ComponentsWater Tank, Coffee Puck Container, Drip Tray, Brew Group, Pannarello Wand
BoilerStainless Steel
Grinder BurrsCeramic ( 10 Steps )
Product dimensions(W) 26cm (D) 44cm (H) 38cm


Follow how to set up and Prepare your Gaggia Cadorna Plus Automatic Espresso Machine in the video below!


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