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Genecafe Coffee Roaster

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Become your own specialty coffee home roaster with the Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Roaster. Freshly roasted beans have always been considered as higher quality compared to store bought roasts. You’ll have complete control of the flavour you want and enjoy the 10 minutes it’ll take to roast one weeks worth. The Gene Café CBR-101 is designed for a household roaster, however  Café Owners use it for the small to medium Café or Restaurant.

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Roasts the Beans You want to drink.

Being able to choose the green coffee you roast and ultimately drink has so many attractive benefits to it. A consistent style of roasting is easy to achieve with the Gene Cafe’s intuitive and simple design. Have the purchasing decisions to buy the green beans you wish to drink. Exploring the many coffee growing regions and varied flavours they offer. Rest your coffee and drink it at its peak.

Roasting Coffee with the Gene Cafe CBR-101

Manual time and temperature settings let you experiment to nail your perfect roasts but if you’re ready to go straight out of the box then automated functions make this roaster a reliable fixture in your roasting journey. Automated cooling down on every roast ensures you lock in the sweet aromas and flavors for when it’s time to brew. Keep a keen eye on the roasting progress with a clear viewable roasting chamber.

Unique Design for Quality and Portability

Unusual at first the off-axis innovative design assists in transferring heat through consistent convection without burning the exterior of the beans on the side of the roaster. The super lightweight construction lets you take this roaster anywhere you want, or simply back in the cupboard until the next roast.

Ideal for: Home Roasters. Hobby Roasters and small to medium cafe or restaurants.

Gene Cafe CBR-101 Coffee Roaster Features

Roast Profiling Control — Time and Temperature control knobs help you adjust to the degree of roasts that you prefer. Digital displays will alternate between actual and desired,

Easy to roast set-up — Straight out of the box you can use the preset profiles or adjust time and temperature during the roasting to control your ideal roast.

Perfect Cooling System — Automated or activated at the press of a button, cool ambiente air will swiftly be brought in to cool the system and beans down to lock in aromas and flavors.

Quiet and Portable Roasting Solutions — At around 65dB during roasting, it’s quieter than a coffee grinder.

Protection from Overheating — With a range of 190-250ºc its an important safety feature to ensure no unwanted fire hazards.

This product includes:

  • Gene Cafe CBR-101 Roaster
  • User Manual

The Specifics

Batch Capacity300g green beans | 240g once roasted.
Power Supply230-240V AC 50/60Hz
Dimensions(W) 490 (D) 243 (H) 229 chaff collector included 
ColourBlack, Red
Chamber MaterialHeat resistant tempered glass tube (Pyrex©)
HeatingIndirect hot air (0~30 minutes)
Temperature Control 0ºC – 250ºC

Recommended Additions

Before using the Gene Café, read this manual carefully to learn how to use and maintain your roaster

See the Genecafe Coffee Roaster in Action:


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