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GSI Java Drip & Grind Bundle


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The GSI Java Drip & Grinder Bundle is going to unlock the potential and very rewarding possibility of enjoying your amazing coffee no matter where you may be. The ideal hiking or camping coffee kit, the GSI Java Drip & Grinder Bundle is designed to be a light-weight compatible coffee travel solution to having to carry around bulky excessing gear that is hard to clean and breaks easy.  

Using an adjustable, conical burr, ceramic coffee grinder unlocks the flavor of your favorite beans and this set includes the Collapsible JavaDrip pour-over camp coffee maker that pops out to hold a #4 filter paper and when not in use, folds down to less than 3cm high. 

GSI Java Drip & Grinder Bundle Features

Collapsible Pour-over Cone – With a side flange that helps centre the cone over mugs, cup and wide-mouth bottles for stable, spill-free brewing.

Ceramic Burr Grinder – The JavaMill ceramic, adjustable conical burr grinder makes fresh, ready to brew grounds.

Nylon mesh, re-usable filter – The kit wouldn’t be complete without a reusable lightweight filter option.

Travel Bag and Spoon – It’s everything you’ll need except for water, coffee and a GSI Mug to get brewing!

This Product Includes:

  • GSI Collapsible Drip Cone
  • GSI  Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder
  • Snap-On Cover
  • #4 Reusable Java Filter, 
  • Spoon
  • Stuff Sack

The Specifics

Total Weight 403g
Total Travel Dimensions 165mm x 70mm x 216mm
Material Silicone, Clear Polypropylene, Copolyester, Ceramic, Nylon, Acetal (BPA-Free)
Filter Size Standard #4. Considered 2 cup Cone.
Grinder Weight 275g
Pour Over Cone Weight 127g
Grinder Capacity 20g
Grinder Burrs 30mm Conical Ceramic Burrs

Recommended Additions

Check out the GSI Java Drip & Grinder Bundle in the below video!


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