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Handpresso Pump

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Never leave your espresso routine behind with the HandPresso Pump. This portable espresso maker functions by hand-generated pressure alone and requires no electricity, CO2 cartridge, or compressed air, making the device as portable as you are.

The hand pump technology is similar to that of a bike pump, and the pressure (up to 16 bars) is stored in the device while you load the coffee. The HandPresso Pump works with ground coffee of your choice or ESE pods, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. The water reservoir can hold up to 50ml of hot water from a kettle, and the end of the pump acts as a tamp for the coffee.

Once your pressure, coffee, and water are set and ready to go, all you have to do is hold the HandPresso over a cup of your choosing, press the top-facing pressure switch, and watch the magic happen. The result is balanced espresso with a rich, thick layer of crema.

The device is lightweight, small, and capable of fitting into any luggage or backpack. It is built with stainless steel and BPA-free plastic and comes in three colors: white, silver, and black.

HandPresso Pump Features

Espresso On The Go – Take delicious espresso around the world or across town.

Hand Powered – Powered by hand alone. No electricity, CO2 cartridge, or compressed air.

16 Bars Of Pressure – Capable of producing enough pressure to rival commercial machines.

Use Any Coffee OR ESE Pod – Compatible with any ground coffee or ESE espresso pod.

3 Color Options – Choose between black, white, and silver.

This Product Includes

  • HandPresso Pump
  • User Manual

The Specifics

  • Pressure: Up To 16 Bars
  • Dimensions:  22 x 10 x 7cm
  • Weight: 480g
  • Water Capacity: 50ml
  • Ground Coffee Capacity: 7g

Recommended Additions

Note: For information regarding cleaning and maintenance of the Handpresso unit, please refer to the Handpresso user manual. This provides useful tips to make sure that your Handpresso continues to produce a premium quality espresso time after time.

No need to use detergents or harsh chemicals. The Handpresso can be cleaned by a simple rinse with water and can be dried with a soft cloth. The Handpresso is not designed to be put into a dishwasher or microwave (the above mentioned can change the characteristics of the machine and compromise the structural and aesthetic integrity of the unit).


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