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Handy Brew Tea & Coffee Maker


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Hailing from the makers of the Clever Dripper comes the Handy Brew Coffee and Tea Brewer. This multi-purpose brewer immerses your coffee grounds or tea leaves in up to 500ml of hot water, creating a full bodied and richly flavorful cup of your favorite beverages.

To filter your coffee or tea, simply place the Handy Brew on top of a mug or carafe. This releases the rubber stopper and allows the brewed liquid to be pulled down by gravity into the vessel. The double filter is made of stainless steel and keeps your final mug free of coffee grounds and tea leaves. It also eliminates the need for paper filters, and thus, paper waste.

The Handy Brew is built with Tritan plastic, a food safe and extremely durable material that will enable the Handy Brew to make you coffee and tea for years upon years.

If you like simple, consistent coffee and tea brewers that are easy to clean, it doesn’t get much easier than the Handy Brew.

Handy Brew Features

Immersion Coffee and Tea Brewing – Immerses coffee grounds and tea leaves to produce a full, rich cup of your favorite beverages.

Gravity Filtering – Filters when placed on top of a mug or carafe, allowing the brewed liquid to fall, but not the grounds or leaves.

Permanent Stainless Steel Filter – Double filters produce a rich cup of coffee or tea without allowing grounds or leaves through to your final mug. Eliminates paper waste.

Durable Tritan Build – Made with super durable and food safe Tritan plastic.

The Specifics

  • Materials: BPA-Free Eastman Tritan Plastic, Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions:  16.5cm(H) x 15.9cm (W) x 10.2cm Base Diameter
  • Capacity: 500ml


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