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Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher

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If home brewing cold brew coffee is on your radar, look no further than the Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher. This simple device produces up to 1000 ml of cold brew concentrate that’s rich and balanced without requiring much effort or technique.

To make the cold brew concentrate, simply immerse the stainless steel filter filled with coarsely ground coffee into the carafe filled with cold water. Eight to fifteen hours later, you’ll have cold brew concentrate ready to be enjoyed.

You can cut the concentrate with cold water, hot water, milk, or a variety of other liquids to produce your beverage of choice. Cold brew concentrate is quite versatile, so feel free to explore.

This Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher is built with Hario’s signature heat proof high borosilicate glass that’s known around the world for its durability and clarity. The no-spill pouring lid is made of stainless steel and a silicone ring seals the pitcher shut.

Cold brew coffee really doesn’t get any easier than immersion pitchers like this one from Hario.

Hario Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher Features

Refreshing Cold Brew Coffee – Brews rich and refreshing cold brew coffee that’s low on acidity and bitterness, but filled with flavor.

Easy Home Brewing – Immerses coffee and water to provide one of the easiest ways to make cold brew coffee.

Hario Glass – Heat proof, shatter proof, and crystal clear.

1000 ml Capacity – A large enough batch size to caffeinate the whole family.

Diverse Application – Use your cold brew concentrate to make iced coffee, hot coffee, iced lattes, or other creative beverages.

No-Spill Pouring Lid – Tops the pitcher to make pouring concentrate an easy, mess-free activity.

The Specifics

  • Materials: Hario Glass, Stainless Steel, Silicone
  • Capacity: 1000 ml

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See the Hario Stainless Cold Brew Pot in Action:


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