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Hiroia Jimmy Espresso & Brewing Scale

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The most innovative specialty coffee scale brings together both espresso and pour over with the aid of flexible modes to ensure you maintain quality and consistency.

Hiroia has designed the perfect all-in-one smart scale for both espresso and brew bars.

Jimmy has a detachable display and magnetic attachment that allows you to monitor the scale away from your machine, giving you the perfect view every time. Jimmy has a 32-Bit processor which has enabled the Hiroia team to exclusively make functions for the Specialty Coffee Community.

Once you have paired your Jimmy to an IOS or Android device the app will allow you to measure your flow rate in real time and guide you to your perfect espresso and pour over. Jimmy will automatically log historical data for all your pour-overs and espresso shots. Understanding your coffee and achieving consistency for the best cup has never been easier or smarter.

Jimmy Scales have 4 main modes, one for espresso, pour-over, scale and a training mode. Within each mode there are further functions that allows you to choose which workflow best suits you. Jimmy has made espresso and brewing a seamless experience with Auto-Tare and Auto-Start timer modes.

When working on the espresso machine with scales you no longer need to worry as Jimmy is water resistant. No need to panic during any spillages. Battery life is up to 10 hours of detached usage, and standby 1000 hours.

Within the app you are able to work with customisable training sessions for pour over so you or staff will be able to practice pouring speeds and consistency to replicate great pour overs.

Hiroia Jimmy Espresso & Brewing Scale Features

Water Resistant – No Panic during any spillages

32-Bit Processor – A better processor allows for ongoing updates of firmware and new features

Powerful battery – Up to 10 hours detached time, and standby 1000 hours

Auto-tare & Auto-start – Automatically dose espressos with hassle free auto-tare and auto start

Training mode – Practice brewing like a professional with precision pours measured with the app

Bluetooth App – Receive ongoing firmware upgrades for free via the app

This Product Includes

  • Hiroia Jimmy Espresso & Brewing Scale

The Specifics

Weighing unitGrams / oz
Weighing RangeMinimum – 0.1g / 0.001oz  Maximum – 2000g / 70.547oz
Charging Power5VDC / 1Ah
BatteryRechargeable battery 3.7V 520mAh x 2
Display Bar8-Digital display LED light
Weighing plateAluminium + Stainless Steel
Upper & lower scale Polypropylene
Wireless deviceBluetooth 4.1


See the Jimmy Espresso and Filter Scale in Action:


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