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I- Rinse Hands Free Jug Rinser

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The I- Rinse Hands Free Jug Rinser is a hands-free automated milk jug washing device that reduces a baristas overall  time cleaning jugs, ensures a complete and thorough clean and improves workflow to capitalize on efficiency behind the bar.

It works by using small weight-based senses, programmed for different jug sizes, the i-rinse will spray a specific amount of water depending on the weight and size of the jug. 

The i-rinse is retrofittable into your bench and can be placed in an existing hole from a previous milk pitcher rinser. Simply place the i-rinse in your bench and attach to the mains water supply, the power supply, and your drain. As well as being easy to install, the i-rinse can be cleaned by simply lifting off the jug rest and cleaning the inside of the rinser before placing the jug rest back on.

If the jug isn’t washed sufficiently the first time, tap the jug once more to begin the rinse process all over again. There’s no pressing down on the jug to activate a mechanism, or need to wait for the jug to be fully rinsed before you can start another task – simply place the jug on the jug rest and it will be cleaned for you when you’re ready to steam your milk again.

I-Rinse Hands Free Jug Rinser Features

Hands-free automatic jug washer Automated so you no longer have to press down or wait till it’s done.

Easy to use and install — Just like any other standard jug rinser, but smarter.

Smart sense rinse times — 1.5seconds for small jugs and slightly longer for heavier jugs.

Guaranteed to clean Gives the ultimate rinse, every time

Quick action stop function Lift the jug to stop a rinse

Easy cleaning simply remove the jug rest and access everywhere

This Product includes

  • I-rinse Head Unit
  • 24VDC Power supply
  • 2m length inline ¼” Tubing w/ shut off valve & ½” Tap adapter
  • 2m length reinforced Waste hose & hose clamp
  • Installation and Operating Manual

The Specifics

Bench cutout Measurements145mm x 180mm*
Clearance under bench200mm
Mains water connection1/2 BSP Male with isolation valve**

*We recommend you always receive your rinser before cutting into benchtop.

**Shares the coffee machine’s waste outlet


See the I-Rinse in action in the video below:


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