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Kruve Plus Sieve Pack

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Discover the power of uniform coffee grounds with the Kruve Plus Sieve Pack. Featuring four sieves that are compatible with the Kruve Sifter, this pack will enable you to refine your grind, brew better coffee, and easily calibrate your grinder.

By sifting grounds between two sieves, you can quickly remove the outlier boulders and fines, which makes your coffee grounds more uniform overall—and we all know that the more uniform your grounds, the more balanced they will brew. Now you can have commercial-grade uniformity no matter what grinder you have.

This four-pack features the following sieve sizes: 200um, 300um, 600um, and 1,000um.

Learning the specific microns of your grounds allows you to calibrate your grinder to see how precise and consistent it is at various settings. Now you can discover which settings are best for different brewers, as well as communicate grind size with more clarity than ever before with other coffee lovers.

Kruve Plus Sieve Pack Features

Refind Your Coffee Grounds — Sift your coffee grounds to remove boulders and fines and create more uniform grounds that brew better coffee.

Discover Specific Grind Sizes — Know the exact micron measurements for your grounds so you can easily communicate grind sizes to others.

Calibrate Your Grinder — Sift coffee at various settings to reveal the micron results of your grinder that you can use to recalibrate it or calibrate other grinders.

4-Sieve Pack — Contains 200um, 300um, 600um, and 1,000um sieves.

This product includes:

  • 1 x 200um Sieve
  • 1 x 300um Sieve
  • 1 x 600um Sieve
  • 1 x 1000um Sieve

Note: Kruve Sifter base model not included here but required for use.

The Specifics

Materials Stainless Steel, BPA-Free Plastic
Range 200um to 1,000um


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