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Leaf & Bean Electric Coffee Maker

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Leaf & Bean Electric Coffee Maker will make deliciously brewed espresso easy and in the comfort of your own home. With a clear top for viewing the dark rich espresso coming up and the base made aluminium it’s a brewer that’s durable and long lasting. With the ideal brewing capacity of 3 cups, the compact brewer is a perfect fit for kitchen benches, offices, and worksites. Popularised by the Italians, Moka Pot is enjoyed by many people all across the world.

Automatic Stovetop Espresso

The electric percolator will consistently brew your coffee time and time again without any need to watch over the stove waiting for the coffee to boil over and make a mess. With a easy to prepare and automatic brewing cycle all the hard work is done by the Leaf & Bean Electric Coffee Maker and you can enjoy the morning and your delicious coffee without any huss.

Easiest Way to make Great Coffee

The 360° wireless base allows you to remove the Brewer off the base and then set it back down again at any angle and from any direction. The aluminum brewer keeps the heat well insulated after brewing and your coffee will be served hot and full-flavored every time for years to come.

Leaf & Bean Electric Coffee Maker Instructions:

  • Fill the coffee basket with medium-fine grounds.
  • Fill the water reservoir to just below the safety valve.
  • Set the brewer on the 360° wireless base and turn on the brewer.
  • In 4-6 minutes, your coffee will be ready.

The process is simple and repeatable, so you can always count on a delicious brew. 

Leaf & Bean Electric Coffee Maker FEATURES

Coffee Brewed for You – With the in-built stovetop, simply place the Brewer in the base, hit the switch and wait for great coffee.

360° Wireless Base – Easy to use element allows you to place the Brewer down from any angle.

3 Cup Capacity – Making 120ml of Espresso, enough to have a few or share with a friend.

Clear Top – Watch the Espresso Brew through to the top, and then you’ll know when it’s done.

Durable Aluminium Base – Will last for years to come.

Auto-Off Function – Will turn off once all the water has brewed to the top, to ensure it does not boil dry.


  • Leaf & Bean Electric Coffee Maker
  • Manual


MaterialsTritan Plastic top, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium
Power240V AU/NZ
Capacity3 Cups ( ~ 120ml)
Dimensions(W) 17cm x (D) 13cm x (H) 25cm



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