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Mahlkonig Ek43 Red Speed Burrs SSP 98mm


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Mahlkonig Ek43 Red Speed Burrs SSP 98mm are a premium burr set for Mahlkonig EK43 and EK43s. Made from Korean SSP Grinding Company with 98mm diameter size. This burr set is made using the cast-iron material and has been designed to have a different cutting algorithm and geometry compared with the default Mahlkonig Burrs.

Tested to produce more even, consistent, and uniform coffee grounds. This special burr set is coated with Red Speed hard-coating which makes it longer lasting.

The special coating red speed TiAICN Titanium Aluminium carbon Nitride  has many advantages on the burr and the ground coffee. This custom geometry burr set is even with a smooth design. 

Mahlkonig Ek43 Red Speed Burrs SSP 98mm FEATURES

Higher cutting force – With a low coefficient of heat propagation leading to higher accuracy of grind precision.

Extended Life Expectancy – Red Speed Burrs, coated with special metal hardening material to last up to 7,000kg of ground coffee. 

Improved surface of the burr – More precision offering a greater opportunity for improved flavour clarity.


  • Mahlkonig Ek43 Red Speed Burrs SSP 98mm


  • Material – Cast Iron
  • Diameter – 98mm
  • Coating – TiAICN Titanium Aluminium carbon Nitride
  • Expected Life – 5,000 – 7,000kg Coffee.


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