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Mahlkonig VTA 6S/ 6SW Grinder


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The Mahlkonig VTA 6S/ 6SW Grinders are powerful, fast, and well-suited for high-volume cafes. Featuring 120mm burrs, a stepped grind adjuster, and a fast-grinding motor, it’s a powerhouse of a grinder.

The grinder’s massive 120mm flat stainless steel burrs offer incredible precision and uniformity for french press, espresso, and everything in-between. The burrs, paired with the powerful motor, can produce up to 1400 g/min (6SW) or 2500 g/min (6S). The stepped grind adjuster is quick and simple to use, allowing you to easily move back and forth between settings without having to think twice.

A clever ventilation system keeps the grinder cool at all times. The bag holder/shaker gives you a free hand during grinding and allows you to knock loose retained grounds.

Mahlkonig VTA 6S/ 6SW Grinder Features

Massive 120mm Burrs — Flat stainless steel burrs provide incredible consistency and uniformity when grinding coffee at any setting.

Rapid Grinding Power — Can grind up to 1400 g/min (6SW) or 2500 g/min (6S).

French Press To Espresso — Capable of producing grounds for a variety of stepped settings.

Cool Grinding — Ventilation and fan keep the grinder cool at all times.

Bag Holder/Shaker — Frees up a hand during grinding and helps you eliminate retained grounds.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Mahlkonig VTA 6S/ VTA6SW Grinder

The Specifics

Speed1400 g/minute (6SW), 2500 g/minute (6S)
Motor1720 (6SW), 2100 (6S)
Capacity1000 g
Burrs120 mm
Dimensions37 x 63 x 38 cm
Weight42 kg

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