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Makita 12V/18V Coffee Machine


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The Makita 12V/18V Coffee Machine is a battery powered coffee brewer. The cordless off-the-grid coffee brewing machine uses either a 12V or 18V rechargeable battery to supply power to the unit which makes it very portable for a delicious coffee no matter where you are.

Using paper pods or ground coffee it will brew a in a matter of minutes, simply at the touch of a button. A removable water tank and filter basket make it a clean and an easy way to brew. With an automatic shut-off once the brew cycle is complete, there’s no possibility of it dry-boiling.

An ideal coffee brewer for worksites, camping, boating and caravanning; the Makita Brewer will make a full mug of coffee in under 5mins and is capable of brewing 3 times on one charge. Brew straight into the dedicated cup with a lid that will keep you brew hot and protect it from the elements. 

Brief Instructions on how to brew with the Makita 12V/18V Coffee Machine

  • Open the water tank lid and pour fresh cold water into the water tank 
  • Put preferred amount of ground coffee into the filter.
  • Put the cover on the coffee cup and place it on the cup rest.
  • Press the power switch.The appliance will automatically turn off the power when the brewing cycle is finished. Press the power switch if you want to stop the brewing in the middle.

Makita 12V/18V Coffee Machine FEATURES

Battery Operated Coffee Brewing  – A completely portable brewer, that will heat your water and brew your coffee using a rechargeable battery.

Multiple Cups – Using a fully charged 18V battery, you’re capable of brewing a total of 640ml.

Dedicated Mug included – The mug is perfect for the brew to ensure no spills or splashes while brewing.

Removable Water Tank –  A 240ml tank that can be removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Easy transport Handle – With the total weight including the battery at 2.2kg this brewer could be considered lightweight given the fact it has everything included.

This Product includes

  • Makita 12V/18V Coffee Machine
  • Dedicated Cup
  • Cup Lid
  • Measuring Spoon

Rechargeable Battery NOT INCLUDED. 

The Specifics

Water Tank Capacity 240ml
Grounds Capacity 20g
Brewing Time 18V – approx: 4mins

12V Max – approx: 5.5mins

Material Metal, Plastic
Dimensions (LxWxH) 243 x 145 x 218
Weight 1.5kg

Battery and Charger Compatibility

Rated voltage and applicable battery cartridges DC 18 V  BL1815N, BL1820B, BL1830, BL1830B, BL1840B, BL1850B, BL1860B
DC 14.4 V  BL1430B 
10.8 V – 12V max  BL1041B 
DC 18 V  DC18RC, DC18RD, DC18RE, DC18SD, DC 14.4 V DC18SE, DC18SF
Charger DC 14.4 V  Same as DC 18 V
10.8 V – 12V max  DC10SB, DC10WD, DC18RE

Recommended Additions

See the Makita 12v/18V Coffee Machine in Action:


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