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Mazzer ZM Coffee Grinder

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Mazzer ZM Coffee Grinder is the newest release from Mazzer. It been a few years for Mazzer to release anything and its easy to see they’ve placed a good amount of R&D in to this grinder. As standard issue the Mazzer ZM is set out to function as a high end filter grinder. Boasting Low Grind retention and boasting improved capabilities of achieving higher TDS values on extraction.

 A Coffee grinder designed for specialty coffee lovers

To add to the facility of the ideal filter grinder is low burr rpms to control heat creation and electronic calibration making sure when you’ve calibrated your burrs to zero, you can trust that its zero.


Large 83mm 151F Burrs —The perfect grade steel for quality precision and cleanliness in the cup.

Cool Grinder — Ventilation in grinders is so important. Mazzer have included an electronically controlled and managed system for reliability.

Very Low Retention —With gravity feed beans passing straight from the hopper through the blades and into your basket or dosing cup, there’s little room for anything to be left behind.

Record your Grind Settings — Go back to your most used grind settings and not have to dial in all over again. Save up to 20 different grind settings. 

Micrometrical digital grind adjustment mechanism — No more fighting with the collar adjustments. Digital readout of your settings with micro adjustments possible.

This product includes:

  • Mazzer ZM Coffee Grinder

The Specifics

Power 800 Watt
Grinding burrs Flat / 83 mm (ref. 151F)
Grinding burrs speed 900 (50 Hz) r.p.m.

1050 (60 Hz) r.p.m.

Grinding capacity filter 650 g/min a 50 Hz (1,43 lbs/min) 

800 g/min a 60 Hz (1,76 lbs/min)

Coffee-bean container capacity 320g (0,7 lbs)
Net weight 35 Kg (77 lbs)
Dimensions (h)645mm (w)245mm (d)430mm

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