ONA Coffee Distributor (OCD) V2.0

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Never worry about your espresso distribution or channeling again, thanks to the ONA Coffee Distributor V2.0. This accessory may add another step to your espresso routine, but the reward is perfectly distributed coffee grounds, a completely level puck, and consistently balanced espresso.

The distributor is designed to move the coffee grounds consistently and evenly with four angled slopes, giving your dry fingers a much needed ally. This eliminates the inconsistencies of coffee distribution, destroying any fear or channeling or uneven extraction, which are common killers of rich and balanced espresso.

This brass and anodized aluminum coffee distributor features a textured, non-slip grip for easy distribution. The device can easily be adjusted for any basket size or dose volume with a simple depth adjuster and lock, meaning there’s no espresso shot the ONA Coffee Distributor can’t improve. The brass center also eliminates static electricity in the coffee grounds.

The device has a diameter of 58.5mm, which is suitable for most commercial portafilter baskets, including those from IMS and VST.

Ona Coffee Distributor V2.0 Features

  • Perfectly Even Distribution – Distributes coffee grounds perfectly within the basket, paving the way for consistently rich and balanced espresso.
  • Adjustable For Depth And Dose– Adjustable to fit any basket size or dose volume.
  • Time Saving – Eliminates thrown out shots because of channeling and uneven distribution.
  • Non-Slip Grip – Textured sides allow for quick, no slip distributing in a matter of seconds.
  • 58.5mm Diameter – Fits most commercial baskets, including those from IMS and VST.

The Specifics

  • Materials: Brass, Anodized Aluminum
  • Diameter: 58.5mm (fits both IMS and VST Basket)
  • Approximate Weight: 490g

Check out the instructional video:


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