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ONA Coffee Distributor WBC Black Limited Edition

ONA Coffee Distributor WBC Black Limited Edition

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Perfect your espresso distribution technique with the ONA Coffee Distributor WBC Black Limited Edition. Featuring four angled slopes that evenly and consistently level the grounds in your portafilter, it’s the perfect accessory for baristas that want to boost efficiency and pull better shots.

The smooth, even distribution from the ONA destroys any fear of channeling or uneven extraction, which streamlines your workflow, makes your baristas more confident, and satisfies customers to a great degree. Simply set atop the fresh grounds and spin to achieve the quick, effective distribution.

No channeling. No swiping grounds with dry, crusty fingers. No frustratingly imbalanced shots.

This limited edition model was made for the 2017 World Barista Championship in Seoul, Korea and has a few key differences from the base ONA V2 model:

  • Lighter at 410g, rather than 490g
  • Extra durable brass and anodized aluminum design
  • Black matte finish

Beyond these differences, it’s the same ONA Coffee Distributor that’s making waves in the specialty coffee world, with a no-slip grip, 58.5mm diameter, and adjustable size to match any portafilter depth or coffee dose.

ONA Coffee Distributor WBC Black Limited Edition Features

Perfectly Even Distribution — Distributes coffee grounds perfectly within the basket, paving the way for consistently rich and balanced espresso.

Adjustable For Depth And Dose — Adjustable to fit any basket size or dose volume.

Time Saving — Eliminates thrown out shots because of channeling and uneven distribution.

Non-Slip Grip — Textured sides allow for quick, no slip distributing in a matter of seconds.

58.5mm Diameter — Fits most commercial baskets, including those from IMS and VST.

WBC Limited Edition — Designed for the 2017 WBC in Seoul, lighter than the base ONA V2 model, extra durable, and with a black matte finish.

This product includes:

  • 1 x ONA Coffee Distributor WBC Black Limited Edition

The Specifics

MaterialsBrass, Anodized Aluminum
Dimensions58.5mm (fits both IMS and VST Basket)

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