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ONA Coffee The Stem

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The Stem by ONA Coffee

Optimize your espresso workflow with The Stem, a scale accessory that protects your scales, improves cleanliness, and streamlines espresso tasks.

By setting The Stem on top of your scale, you can shield your scale from hot water, wear and tear from glassware, and dangerous portafilter swings without sacrificing a gram of precision or second of speed. The adjustable height stand allows you to set the scale on the counter, rather than the espresso machine, which saves you invaluable space on the drip tray.

The Stem is built from 550g of strong aluminum alloy and stainless steel. It’s waterproof, secure, and yet easily adjustable to suit your baristas’ needs.


  • 1 x ONA Coffee The Stem
Materials Aluminum Alloy, Stainless Steel
Weight 550g
Height 9.5cm to 13.5cm

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