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ProSteam – Automatic Steaming Machine

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ProSteam Automatic Machine – Latest Model Black – Faster & More Powerful

The Pro Steam Automatic Steamer is back in matte black finish and faster and more powerful then ever making it the perfect addition improve workflow. Free up the hands of your baristas with the ProSteam Automatic Steaming Machine. Designed to steam your milk to your chosen temperature and create a fine, velvety microfoam, it’ll increase the consistency of your milk drinks, help baristas work on other tasks, and satisfy your customers.

The ProSteam’s intuitive screen allows you to set any target temperature from -40 to 90 degrees Celsius. The wand will heat the milk to that temperature with precision. There are two presets that you can use to keep things simple: P1 (45 degrees) and P2 (57 degrees).

The professional-grade wand gives you a creamy microfoam that’s great for taste buds and creating crisp art. After each session, purge the wand for three seconds. At night, use the self-cleaning function to make the machine do its own backflush.

The durable stainless steel device features an 800ml water tank that can provide hours worth of steam. Not only will it make give you consistent steamed milk and happy customers, it’ll do it for years to come.

ProSteam – Automatic Steaming Machine Features

Consistent Hands-Off Steaming – Generates steamed milk and microfoam that’s great for drinking and art every single time without you having to hold the pitcher perfectly.

Set Any Target Temperature – Determine the exact temperature you want your milk steamed down to a single degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Quick Presets – P1 steams milk to 45 degrees; P2 steams to 57.

800ml Water Capacity – Can hold enough water to create hours worth of steam.

Self-Cleaning – The complete cleaning function backflushes the device for a thorough, rapid cleaning.

This product includes:

  • 1 x ProSteam – Automatic Steaming Machine

The Specifics

MaterialsStainless Steel
Voltage (V)220 – 240 V/ 50 Hz
Power (W)1450
DimensionsL:140 * W:380 * H:340
Range-40 – 90 (Degrees Celsius)

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