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PUQPRESS Automatic Coffee Tamper Q2

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Never tamp unevenly again with the PUQPRESS Automatic Coffee Tamper Q2. This upgraded model boost workflow by 30%, nearly eliminates barista injuries from tamping, and improves the quality of your espresso dramatically.

Insert any portafilter size or style into the Puqpress, and the sensor will initiate the device. The upper and lower clamps will lock your portafilter into place as the automatic tamping takes place with 10-30kg of precise pressure. You can set the target pressure via 1kg increments.

The tamp is perfectly level and consistently uniform, producing a flat bed of grounds you can always rely on. No more finicky shots from slightly uneven tamps or tired baristas. No more shots down the drain from channeling. No more confusing flavour changes between baristas. Just reliable, great espresso.

Upgrades in the Q2 model consist of:

  • Optimized lower clamp that holds naked portafilters with more strength
  • New easy adjustment wheel that simplifies initial setup
  • Nano-tech tamper head that reduces coffee buildup
  • Stronger, stiffer frame for a longer device lifespan

“Puqpress was initially for me a way to get rid of the nonsense surrounding tamping and save the joints of baristas but after using it I found I am more consistent too!”

— Gwilym Davies, 2009 WBC Champion

By automating this technique, you nearly eliminate the risk of tamp-related wrist and shoulder injuries to your baristas, which are unfortunately common.

Without the bad shots and slow baristas, the Puqpress is proven to speed up workflow by 30%. It’s no wonder why the Puqpress has taken the global specialty coffee industry by storm.


PUQPRESS Automatic Coffee Tamper Q2 Features

Automate The Tamp — Speed your workflow by 30% thanks to automated tamping that eliminates human error and inconsistency.

Reduce Barista Injury — Dramatically reduce the risk of wrist and shoulder injuries.

Improve Espresso Quality — 100% uniform tamping reduces barista inconsistency, thrown out shots, and channeling to boost your shot quality dramatically.

Nano-Tech Tamper — Keeps grounds from building up on the tamper.

Stronger Build — Extra-sturdy design gives the Q2 a longer lifespan.

10-30kg Of Pressure — Set the consistent pressure in increments of 1kg.

Use Any Portafilter — Can be used with all commercial portafilter sizes and styles.

Digital Display — Adjust settings for pressure and initiate cleaning mode.

Loved By Champs — Endorsed by barista champions around the world, including 2009 WBC Gwilym Davies.

2 Yeah Warranty – 24-month non-consumable parts warranty. Ongoing support in case any non-consumable parts inside your Puqress become defective

This product includes:

  • 1 x PUQPRESS Automatic Coffee Tamper Q2 – 58.3mm

For other tamper head sizes please email orders@alternativebrewing.com.au

The Specifics

Pressure Range 10-30kg
Watts (W) 60W
Voltage (V) 110-230 Vac, 50-60 Hz
Tamper Diameter 58.3mm standard
Dimensions 125mm (L) x 150mm (W) x 220mm (H)
Weight 4.8kg
Portafilter Range 53-59mm

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