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Rancilio Silvia V5 Coffee Machine


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The Rancilio Silvia V5 Coffee Machine is possibly the world’s favorite budget espresso machine. Featuring pro-level internals, a commercial-grade group head and portafilter, and reliable and time-tested design, this is the espresso machine other companies have been trying to beat for years.

The Legendary Budget Espresso Machine

When you look at the machine’s construction, it’s easily clear why it’s become so beloved. Its 300ml boiler is made of brass, offering an unusual level of thermal stability and just large enough for light-medium home use. The boiler is backed up by a 2L water tank that keeps you from frequently having to refill. 

Three thermostats offer an extra layer of protection by continuously monitoring the espresso, steam, and boiler temperatures—dramatically reducing the risk of overheating. The 3-way solenoid valve is the same one they put in commercial machines, completely cutting off the water supply post-brewing so you don’t have to worry about extra drips.

Pulling Shots With The Rancilio Silvia V5

The machine features a commercial-grade group head and the same 58mm portafilter you’d find in cafes, so you can learn exactly what it feels like to pull shots like a barista. The 7g and 14g baskets enable you to choose between pulling single and double shots.

The easy control switches on the front of the machine offer simple, reliable control over your shot and steam, making it great not only for prosumers, but for beginners as well. And since the steam wand swivels flexibly, steaming milk feels natural, no matter where you place the machine.

‘E’ And ‘M’ Models

The Rancilio Silvia V5 comes in two models. The ‘E’ machine features an auto cut off function that turns off the boiler after 30 minutes of inactivity, making it great for people who like to pull a few shots and then call it quits. The ‘M’ model requires you to manually turn off the boiler, which may be better if you like to make espresso periodically throughout the day.

The machine comes in two colors: full stainless steel and a matte black upper portion. But no matter which model / color you choose, you’ll know you’re getting one of the most respected and long-lasting home espresso machines on the market.

Rancilio Silvia V5 Coffee Machine Features

The Legendary Budget Espresso Machine — Beloved for years as one of the best home espresso machines that blend pro-level quality with a budget-friendly price. 

Commercial Group Head — Fits the same 58mm portafilter you’d expect from a commercial-grade machine.

300ml Brass Boiler — Just large enough for most homes, and small enough to keep the machine kitchen-friendly.

Easy Control — Simple switches control the shots and steam with consistency and precision.

3-Way Solenoid Valve — Cuts off the boiler entirely for no post-brew dripping.

2L Water Tank — The perfect size for most homes.

Swivel Steam Wand — Flexible and powerful enough for cafe-quality microfoam.

Passive Cup Warmer — Keeps your cups warm and ready for espresso.

Auto-Off Function Optional — The ‘E’ model features an auto-off function that turns off the boiler after 30 minutes of inactivity. The ‘M’ model must be turned off manually.

Long-Lasting Construction — Built with commercial-grade parts you won’t find in similarly-priced machines.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Rancilio Silvia V5 Coffee Machine
  • 1 x 14g Basket
  • 1 x 7g Basket
  • 1 x Tamper
  • 1 x Spoon
  • 1 x Instructional Booklet

The Specifics

Boiler Single Brass, 300ml
Water Tank 2L
Pump 15-Bar
Pre-Infusion No
Voltage 230 V
Dimensions 235 x 290 x 340 mm (WxDxH)
Weight 14kg
Option Cut off switch, No switch, black, stainless steel

Recommended Additions

Available Styles

  • M (no cut off switch)
  • E (cut off switch)
  • Black
  • Stainless Steel

See the review of the Rancilio Silvia v5 from our friends at Seattle Coffee Gear below:


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A Rancilio Silvia will last for as long as 15-20 years or even a lifetime, depending on usage. For your Rancilio Silvia to last, regular cleaning and maintenance is essential. Commercial-grade, Italian-made parts ensure that your Rancilio Silvia will last a lifetime with replacement parts when needed.

Here’s how to make coffee with Rancilio Silvia:

  1. Fill the Rancilio Silvia’s water reservoir and turn on the coffee machine to use it.
  2. Allow the coffee machine to heat up. Once the Rancilio Silvia’s orange light goes out, the temperature is right.
  3. Use the Rancilio Silvia’s steam wand to preheat your coffee cups.
  4. Place freshly-ground coffee in your portafilter and tamp the grounds.
  5. Press the button to use Rancilio Silvia to make coffee.

A Rancilio Silvia takes 20 minutes to heat up if you pull a blank shot through the machine twice to help heat it up quickly. Turn the Rancilio Silvia on when you wake up, let it heat up while you do your morning routine and it will be heated up once you’re ready for your espresso coffee.

Here’s how you drain a Rancilio Silvia’s boiler:

  1. Ensure your machine is cold. Unplug the Rancilio Silvia and remove all parts.
  2. Switch off all buttons and switches and plug the Rancilio Silvia in.
  3. Open the steam valve and turn the machine on its back.
  4. Put a coffee cup over the end of the steam wand to allow the water coming out run into a sink.
  5. Turn on the Rancilio Silvia and run the pump so water will come out of the steam wand and into a sink.
  6. Keep the machine turned on until there is no more water coming out. There should not be more than 1/2 cup of water.
  7. When the water stops, turn off the power. It should not be turned on for longer than 1 minute.

Here’s how to descale Rancilio Silvia and clean it:

  1. Get a descaling product for the Rancilio Silvia to clean it.
  2. Remove the Rancilio Silvia’s water tank. Dissolve the descaling product in the water tank together with clean warm water. Put the water tank back.
  3. Attach the empty portafilter, open the Rancilio Silvia’s steamer tap and place a large bowl below the steamer tap.
  4. Turn on the espresso pump and let the Rancilio Silvia run until 1/3 of the water tank has run into the bowl.
  5. Wait 20 minutes and repeat this procedure 3 times until there is no more water in the tank.
  6. Wash the water tank and fill it with clean water. Repeat the above 1-4 steps to ensure that all residue of the descaling product has been rinsed away. Clean the portafilter.
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