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Ratio Six Coffee Maker


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Ratio Six Coffee Maker has been designed to brew amazing coffee with simplicity in mind.

Sometimes you just want a great cup of coffee without having to think about time, temperature, and other variables. Which is why Ratio Six has just one button and no complicated programming.

After the button is pressed, Ratio simulates a skilled barista pour over process: First, hot water is dispersed through a stainless steel spiral showerhead across the grounds, causing a bubbly interaction called a “bloom.” The control board allows the bloom to settle before delivering the rest of the hot water slowly near the ideal temperature of 94ºc. The result? More evenly extracted grounds and a more amazing cup of coffee.

The optional heat shield completely surrounds the shower head during brewing, increasing the extraction of your coffee and producing a very hot cup of coffee, all while keeping within the industry-accepted standards for coffee brewing. After brewing, simply discard or compost the used paper filter and rinse out the thermal carafe with hot water. That’s it!

Using laboratory-grade hand blown borosilicate glass water lines, the Ratio Six coffee maker is built with thick, precision stamped stainless steel with a satin stainless steel or matte black finish. Available in Silver, Black or White.

Ratio Six Coffee Maker FEATURES

Optimised Shower Head – Each hole in the shower head is precisely placed to maximize saturation of the coffee.

Ratio Six Automation –  Bloom, Brew, and Ready phases run in sequence, delivering a perfect cup of coffee every time.

2 to 8 Cups –  With accuracy to within 30mls – serve and enjoy over and over.

Flat Bottom Basket – Flat bottom baskets improve quality of extraction with a consistent bed depth.

One button Start –  Simplify your coffee routine to the touch of a button. 


  • Ratio Six Coffee Maker
  • Brew Carafe + Filter Basket
  • Paper Filters
  • Brewing Guide


MaterialsStainless Steel , Borosilicate Glass, BPA-free Copolymer Water Tank
Power1400 watt / 220-240v
Heating50-60 Hz / 10amp
Tank Capacity1.3L
Brew Volume1.25L (roughly 10% of that volume absorbed into the coffee grounds)
Dimensions34 (L) x 17 (W) x 36 (H)
Warranty5 Years
Compatible Paper FiltersMelitta Brewista basket filter – 200pk 4-6 Cup


Available Styles

  • Silver
  • Black
  • White

See a review of the Ratio Six from Josh at Alternative Brewing  in the video below:


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