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ROK Coffee Grinder


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Grind coffee by hand without the hassle with the ROK Coffee Grinder GC. This manual grinder is built with premium aluminium and features a long side-facing handle, engineering-grade Acetal gears, and 48mm steel conical burrs to grind coffee to a uniform size.

Despite the lack of a motor to grind the coffee for you, this clever design requires less than half the revolutions and time that other manual grinders need. The lower revolution count, combined with the long handle and no-slip base, causes coffee grinding to be a quick, painless, and relatively quiet event for coffee lovers of all intensities.

The ROK Coffee Grinder GC also includes a bamboo cup that can be used to measure whole coffee beans, catch ground coffee, and tamp the coffee bed of the ROK Espresso Maker.

ROK Coffee Grinder GC Features

  • Uniform Grounds – Featuring 48mm steel conical burrs to consistently grind coffee to a uniform size.
  • Stepped Grind Settings – Stepped grind settings for fast, easy adjustment. 
  • Fast Painless Grinding – Requires less than half the revolutions other hand grinders need.
  • Quiet Grinding – No motor, no loud noises.

This product includes

  • ROK Hand Coffee Grinder GC
  • Bamboo Grounds Cup 

The Specifics

  • Premium Aluminum Frame, Plastic Base, Steel Burrs
  • Dimensions: 21cm x D x 17.3 x 28
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Manufacturer Warranty:  1 Year

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