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ROK W1 Pour Over Dripper


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ROK W1 Pour Over Dripper is a unique glass composite cone filter that uses a bamboo base to create a W shape within the filter. Pressure distribution is doubled in the W shape cone.

Traditional pour overs rely on a V shape that creates inconsistent flows through the extraction due to a bottleneck for water at the exit backing up into a varying depth in the slurry.

Coffee close to the exit is over extracted – coffee at the top is under extracted. 

The W shape achieves a more consistent depth of water that comes into contact with an even density of the ground coffee around the cone in the middle. With this dependable extraction comes less over extraction and more clarity and sweetness in the cup.

ROK W1 Pour Over Dripper FEATURES

Even Pressure Distribution – As the water level lowers in the brewer the pressure or flow of water maintains consistency throughout the extraction.

Improved Extractions – Even flow of water across the bed of coffee will results in a more homogenous extraction.

Sweeter Flavours – Giving rise to less bitterness and a heightened clarity in the cup.

Recyclable Materials – Made with & packaged in environmentally-friendly materials.

Ring Tool – The ring tool will ensure you get the perfect fold on the paper for every pour.


  • ROK Pour Over Cone
  • Bamboo W Base
  • Ring Tool
  • 10 Paper Filters


Materials Glass Composite – Cone / Bamboo Base
Paper Filter Used Standard #2 coffee filters
* Cup in Photo not included.



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