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Ten Mile Vietnamese Coffee Dripper

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The Ten Mile Vietnamese Coffee Dripper is an original and traditional way in Vietnam to make phin cà phê or Filter Coffee. A much loved method in Vietnam as well as around the world for brewing delicious traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee known as cà phê đá, a perfect summer time treat!

Popularised by adding sweetened condensed milk to your cup before placing the Dripper on top to brew hot coffee slowly straight on the milk before giving it a stir

and pouring the sweetened filter coffee over ice before serving. The Ten Mile Vietnamese Dripper is made from reliable, well made and easy to clean stainless steel, and includes the screw-in filter and lid to keep your brew nice and warm whilst it drips down.

A simple and effective method of brewing coffee consistently, all there is to rely on is the amount of coffee you use and the coffee beans you prefer the taste of. Once you have these decided on, it’s a set and forget way of brewing. The Ten Mile Vietnamese Coffee Dripper makes a great gift and accessory to any coffee lovers kit, able to explore the varied cultural methods around the world for brewing delicious coffee.

How to use the Ten Mile Coffee Vietnamese Dripper

  • Add 25g Dark roasted coffee, ground medium to coarse, in to filter
  • Screw down Filter plate on top of coffee 
  • Place Brewer on top of glass or cup
  • Pour in a small amount of boiling water and wait 1min
  • Then add rest of water up to the top of the brewer
  • Place lid on and let drip slowly in to your cup below
  • Pour coffee over ice, sweetened as desired and enjoy!


Vietnamese Iced Coffee – If you’ve ordered a coffee in Vietnam, you’ll be happily surprised to get a sweet, cold and delicious Coffee Cocktail known as cà phê sữa đá.

No Filters Needed – Simply brewed through a metal filter and designed to drip slowly into your cup below.

Mirror Finish – Using Food-Grade Stainless Steel for that mirror finish and durability. 

Easy to Clean – A quick rinse under the tap or in the Dishwasher will keep it sparkling clean.


  • Ten Mile Vietnamese Coffee Dripper
  • Filter
  • Lid


MaterialsStainless Steel
Dimensions(Ø Base) 10cm (Ø Brewer) 7cm (H) 8cm


See How to make Vietnamese Drip Coffee with Josh from Alternative Brewing below!


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