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The Force Tamper 58.5mm


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The Force Tamper 58.5mm is a coffee tamper designed to provide a consistent tamp every time using an adjustable spring that provides the force for tamping whilst protecting your wrists against unnecessary downward stresses.

The tamper generates a preset pressure instead of using manual force to tamp the coffee in the portafilter basket. With a snap-boost click mechanism during the tamping process you’ll know when you’ve reached the ideal tamping pressure to extract the best from your coffee.

With a diameter of 58.5mm, The Force Tamper will fit the standard espresso machine filter baskets and provide the best fit tamp for the ultimate extraction of your coffee.

The Force Tamper 58.5mm Features

Adjustable constant pressure — The spring-loaded tamp can be set for your ideal tamping pressure.

Automatic leveling plate — with boost distribution on the end of the push.

Easy operation — One press and know you’ve tamped to perfection.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Force Tamper 58.5mm
  • Force Tamper Rubber Tamp Mat
  • Soft Travel Bag

The Specifics

MaterialsSteel , Wooden handle

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