The Little Guy Tamper 58mm

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Upgrade your barista kit with the Little Guy Tamper 58mm. Precision built with stainless steel and comfortable silicone, it’s an effective and professional upgrade from the nylon tamp included in the original setup.

This tamp’s stainless steel construction makes it look, feel, and perform like a professional tamper. The sharp lower edges increase the contact area between tamper and coffee and optimize the balance the density of the grounds at the wall of the basket.

Though designed to fit a smaller home espresso maker, this is a 440g professional-grade tamper that functions just like commercial grade tampers. In fact, The Little Guy also makes a 58mm tamper for commercial machines that’s manufactured using the exact same precision machinery—it’s just a bit larger, but otherwise the same.

Atop the stainless steel tamper is a silicone grip that’s easy and comfortable to hold. The weight balancing of the tamper makes handling and using the tamper feel natural and smooth.

The Little Guy Tamper 58mm Features

Stainless Steel Build — Durable construction that’s sleek and easy to clean.

Precision Manufacturing — Machined for razor precision to ensure your espresso grounds are evenly compressed across the entire portafilter.

Comfort Design — Carefully weighted design and silicone handle make holding and using the tamper as comfortable and natural feeling as possible.

This product includes:

  • 1 x The Little Guy Tamper 58mm

The Specifics

Materials Stainless Steel, Silicone
Diameter 58mm
Weight 440g

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