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Toby’s Estate Columbia Espresso Single Origin


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Keep Fresh Coffee at Home with Toby’s Estate Columbia Las Mercedes. 

Available in 200g and 1kg bags. 

Mercedes. Luxury. The two go hand in hand. So having some coffee from La Palma Y El Tucan (an ICONIC farm from Columbia, it makes sense that the name of the coffee invokes a sense of luxury with it as well). Bright upfront fruitiness of raspberry and kiwifruit soak the palette before moulding into a sweeter darker honeycomb. Live up the luxury with a silky body at no additional cost!

Toby’s Estate Columbia Espresso Single Origin Features

Perfectly Roasted – It takes time to carefully perfect the roasting process. It’s a meticulous and precise process and a real labour of love, reflecting the hard work and passion that farmers have put into growing each and every bean.

Globally-Sourced Beans – From Kenya to Colombia, Brazil to Myanmar.

Fair & Sustainable Supply Chain – Where would we be without coffee growers? They’re not just ‘suppliers’ to us. They’re friends, team mates and a crucial part of our journey. Toby’s Estate cares about where coffee comes from, and who’s growing it. Not only for ethical reasons, but because they work hard to still exist in 30 years’ time.

Quality Controlled –  Every batch of coffee is tasted – adapting and refining the roasting process for quality and consistency.

This Product Includes

  • Toby’s Estate Columbia Espresso Single Origin

The Specifics

Region Cundinamarca
Process Acetic Washed
Coffee Variety Castillo
Flavour Raspberry, Kiwifruit, Honeycomb
Body Silky
Finish Vibrant
Recommended Preparation Best black



  • 200g Bag
  • 1kg





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