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Trinity Origin Decanter

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The Trinity Origin Decanter isn’t just a decanter. It’s also a minimalist, simple pour over coffee brewer—and a pretty clever one at that. With a 500ml capacity, a removable filter module, and a unique plug system that lets you customize the brewer’s draining speed, it’s a simple brewer worth taking seriously.

The decanter’s filter module works with Kalita Wave 155 filters and features 21 draining holes that you can cover and uncover with included silicone plugs. This gives you the power to control the speed of the draining, which allows you to further customize your grind size and pouring speed to brew the best coffee you can. Plug all but three holes for a slow and balanced Kalita-like brew. Leave them all unplugged for a quick and bright V60-like mug.

The decanter itself is made from borosilicate glass. It’s durable (with 0.5mm walls), heat-resistant, and crystal clear. It has a capacity of 500ml just below the filter, though the decanter can actually hold a total of 750ml at a time.

Trinity Origin Decanter Features

Minimalist Pour Over Brewing — Brew crisp, sweet pour over coffee directly into this stunning decanter with ease.

Adjustable Draining Speed — Silicone drain plugs allow you to determine to drain rate to customize your brew to your preference.

500ml Capacity — Perfect for brewing 1-2 mugs of stellar pour over coffee.

Borosilicate Glass Build — Durable, heat-resistant, and crystal clear glass.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Trinity Origin Decanter

The Specifics

Materials Borosilicate Glass, Food-Grade Silicone
Capacity 500ml
Dimensions 135 x 115 mm

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See the Origin Decanter in Action:


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