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Aeropress Brew Tips

Aeropress Brew Guide

Invented by Alan Adler in 2005, the Aeropress is consistently inspiring crazy ingenuity, through precise and pedantic brew methods dreamed up by those in search of the perfect recipe. The lightweight and portable Aeropress brews a delicious, full-bodied, and sweet cup, whether you are on a road trip, camping or just relaxing at home. The Aeropress is one of the best brewing methods when you don’t have a scale or you are out and about in the world.

When you combine its portability with the fact that it’s easy to use, and easy to clean, you get a very pretty sweet coffee maker. One of the greatest things about the Aeropress is its flexibility. It provides a wide range of contact times, grind size, water temperatures, and agitation levels that you can use. Coffee brewed with the Aeropress is complex, clean, and satisfying. You might be having visitors coming over every weekend, just to savour your coffee. Give our Aeropress Brew Guide a try!

Chemex Brew Tips

Chemex Brew Guide

The iconic Chemex brewer was designed over 60 years ago. It’s a timeless and unique machine, which is easy on the eyes and easy to use. Its’ design has remain unchanged for all those years. Made from non-porous glass, it delivers smooth coffee without leaving flavours of its own on the brew.

Common sense and equal parts brilliance, this pour over coffee maker remains a staple in every home of coffee enthusiasts. Coffee from the Chemex resembles that from a drip. However, this one provides you with more room for experimentation. Additionally, you need to pay more attention to the pour rate. With this level of care and attention, you are guaranteed nuanced coffee, sweet and sufficient to share with your friends and family. Everyone loves the Chemex, for the crisp and clean cup it produces – Learn how to brew with Chemex here!

V60 Brewing

Hario V60 Brew Guide

Versatile and nuanced, the Hario V60 is a premium and stylish brewer for those looking for the perfect pour over coffee. It’s great for people who want full control throughout the brewing process. Whether you like a bold, or well rounded cup, the V60 is a great choice.

The main reason why coffee enthusiasts all over the world prefer it is its’ consistency. Apart from that, it gives you total control over the body and strength of the coffee. All you have to do is prepare the ingredients and follow our instructions, (which we’ve even made into a nice little video for you) and you will be enjoying a delicious cup of coffee within a short aromatic while..

Frenchpress Tips

French Press Brew Guide

If you have never tasted coffee brewed using a French Press, then you are missing something really special. The French Press is super consistent, easy to brew, and very reliable. Its well-engineered and classic design has remained unchanged since its invention back in 1929. The French press brewing method is heavy and dense, yet it features its own elegance. Similar to any brewing method, the devil is in the details.

For best results, we recommend starting with whole bean coffee then grinding it using a burr grinder. If you grind it too soon, it might lose compounds that give the sweet and delicious aroma. Be ready to enjoy some delicious coffee with your family and friends. Check out the guide for a deeper look on how to brew French press coffee.

Mokapot Brew Guide

Mokapot Brew Guide

Conceived by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti back in 1933, the Moka Pot is a fantastic, stovetop coffee brewer, featuring a simple design as well as an effective method. It enables you to brew a great cup of coffee, without spending a fortune on brew equipment.

Brewing coffee with the Mokapot takes only a few minutes. It’s compact, making it perfect for small apartment kitchens. Apart from that, this simple coffee maker brews coffee quickly and is easy to clean. It works through movement of pressurized water, through ground coffee. This process takes place from the bottom of the chamber to the top. Modern manufacturers of the Moka pot adhere to the 1930s design, retaining the simple and stylish design. Quick brewing and clean up makes the Moka pot the perfect coffeemaker for preparing an espresso especially if you’re pushed for time.

Coffee Grinding Guide

Coffee Grinding Guide

Pre-ground coffee is quick and easy but oftentimes trades convenience for quality. Grinding coffee is the solution to many problems, coffee freshness the chief among them. If you’re interested in elevating your coffee game, stepping it up with a grinder is the obvious choice when looking to expand your coffee kit.

If you’ve taken the leap and purchased a grinder then kudos; you’re well on your way to the next level. To help make your transition to perfection easier, we’ve put together a range of coffee grinding guides for every type of brew method. Grinding beans is not a one size fits all situation and different brew methods require different coarseness to achieve the best outcome for each cup.

Start your coffee grinding journey here, with our all-encompassing grind guide for every brew method. With tips on grind sizes, the different types of grinders on the market and some ways to dial your grinder for the perfect cup, you’ll never need another grinding guide!

Cloth Filter Brew Guide

Cloth Filter Brew Guide

The Cloth Filter method has roots in Japan, and remains one the best coffee brewing methods. Despite a few maintenance needs, the entire process is enjoyable while the final cup is just incredible.

This method does not allow any grounds to pass through, even the smallest particles. The result is an extremely flavourful and very clean cup. This method is classy, gorgeous and will make people think you are a genius coffee brewer.

The cloth filter method is known to produce one of the best cups of coffee you have ever tasted. The thorough filtration, combined with the elimination of the papery flavours produces a clean cup. Some of the best coffees in the world are brewed using this method then combined with other methods.

Coffee bean buyers guide

Coffee bean buyers guide

Farmers are refining their techniques, roasters are developing new approaches to roasting coffee, and coffee lovers everywhere are waking up to a world of coffee beans that are diverse, flavourful, and fascinating.

There’s more variety in coffee than there ever has been at any point in history. Exotic coffee growing countries, new vibrant flavours, and evolving definitions of coffee roast levels have exploded what we call the specialty coffee industry around the world.

But all these options come with a downside: buying coffee beans isn’t as straightforward as it used to be.

Pour over coffee kettles guide

Pour over coffee kettles guide

Coffee lovers and tea aficionados are constantly looking for ways to enhance their hot drink experience. Some people believe that a kettle is just a kettle, but they are unaware of the benefits of investing in a top-notch pour-over kettle.

If you are the type to pay for high-quality coffee beans and fancy teas, you’ll want to make sure you are getting the best coffee, tea, or hot drink experience. Getting the best out of your hot drink experience means making sure you have the right tools and technique that will mean that the coffee beans or the tea herbs are handled properly.

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