French Press Brewing Guide

Brew Guide By a Great Roaster: Stumptown

Brew Guide by a great Roaster

The French press brings luxury and precision to coffee brewing. The cylindrical pot uses a plunger and a filter screen to compress hot water through ground coffee. French press users experience coffee with rich flavor, perfection, and simplicity. Considering purchasing a French press? We’ve put together a guide to help you choose the perfect French press coffee maker. We’ll answer questions like what size French press do you need and whether French press is the same as cafetiere. See below for a complete guide to French press brewing.

How Do You Make The Perfect French Press?

how to use a french press

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Wondering how to make French press coffee? We have some great tips on making the perfect French press and how to use a French press. Here is a basic step by step guide to making a great French press, and if you’re looking for small details to create the perfect texture, or if you’re wondering how long French press coffee should steep, we’ve got you covered. Here is a step by step list to creating an amazing, earthy, and delectable French press coffee experience.

Step 1: For total extraction and maximum flavor, start with a 1:16 coffee: water ratio.

Step 2: Remove the French press plunger and make sure it is fully clean, remove any old coffee grounds from previous uses. Check the lid and the cylinder as well. Rebuild all pieces of the French press.

Step 3. Begin boiling water in a kettle. You’ll need the water for your coffee brew and preheating the French press. Fully boil the water to achieve the ideal French press water temperature.

Step 4. Weigh the coffee based on the amount you would like to brew and set your grinder to the coarse setting.

Step 5. Get your boiled water and begin to preheat the French press, carafes, and mugs with a small amount of water.

Step 6.  Remove the preheating water, pour it out and prepare your French press scale by adjusting it to zero.

Step 7. Add your ground coffee to the French press. Remeasure the coffee weight and tare the scale to zero again.

Step 8. Set your timer to 5 minutes and pour your freshly boiled water. Pro Tip: Pour slowly and completely cover the grounds with water, this will help you monitor the scale.

Step 9. Allow the brew to sit for one minute and begin to stir the mixture for 6 full rotations. Once complete, place the lid on top of the French press.

Step 10. Allow the brew to sit for an additional 5 minutes. 5 minutes is the ideal French press steep time. After 5 minutes, slowly press the plunger down. When the plunger filter pushes to the bottom, quickly pour your delicious brew in your serving device of choice.

Follow these simple steps and in minutes you’ll be enjoying your delectable French press brew. We’ve included some additional tips about the specifics of achieving the perfect brew.


French Press Coffee Grind Size

Hario Cafeor Dripper Pot ScoopThe key to an excellent delicious brew is the grind. Find out more in our Coffee Grinding Guide. The goal is to achieve the optimal French press ground size, a medium grind with pure consistency throughout. If the grind is too coarse, it may clog your French press machine, and if the grind is too fine, you may end up with a muddy brew. The ideal French press coffee has a medium coarse grind. Freshly ground beans are the best coffee for French press brews, be sure to always use a fresh batch for all of your brews. Check your ground size by pressing your filter down, if your filter goes down too quickly with no resistance, your grounds may be too coarse. If the filter goes down with too much resistance your grounds may be too fine. Aim to get a medium resistance when you press down your filter.


French Press Coffee Ratio

Many new French press users ask, how many scoops of coffee should they put in a French press? The coffee to water ratio is another important aspect of brewing the best coffee for cafetiere. Generally, we recommend staying in the range of 1:10 – 1:16, depending on how much coffee you would like to brew. The ratio can vary based on the specific brew you are working with. When you begin your brew, we suggest adding a large tablespoon (approximately 7-8 grams) to your French press pot per 200 ml (6.7 oz) of water.


French Press Sizes

New French press users also ask, what size French press should they get? The answer is, it really depends on the size you need. Figure out your French press size by asking yourself how many people will you be serving on a regular basis and how much coffee would you like in your average brew. French press cafetieres come in various sizes including mini cafetieres, we recommend the 3-cup, 8-cup, or the 12-cup French press cafetiere. Choose a reliable brand and invest in a quality French press. Bodum is one of our recommended brands. The Bodum French press comes in many different sizes and designs. We’ve compiled some features of Bodum coffee makers and a few additional recommended brands, including Hario and OXO. If you’re looking for the best cafetiere for the perfect French press coffee, check out this list below for some details and recommended French press sizes.

Bodum French Press

Bodum French Press

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Bodum offers a variety of French press options. The brand prides itself on creating quality coffee machines with visual appeal. One of the most visually appealing French press options from Bodum is the Bodum Chambord Copper Press. The Bodum French press in copper comes in both 8-cup and 3-cup versions. The copper press works with very simple functionality, making it easy to use for beginner French press users. Like many other Bodum presses, the copper press comes with flavor enhancing double stainless steel filters which work by creating natural aromatic oils that enter the cup. Shoppers can choose between other options like the Bodum Caffettiera French press , which is also available in 8 and 3-cup versions and has features like the permanent filter, a feature that is eco-friendly and eliminates paper waste, as well as a safety lid that manages spills and splashes. Bodum added uniqueness and innovation to their collection with the Bodum Kenya Press, an 8 cup French press that brings flavor and body to every brew, with features like the high borosilicate Bodum glass, and immersion coffee, which allows for a full flavored taste. If you’re looking for a diverse and eco-friendly brand that offers various sizes, Bodum may be the best choice for you.

Hario Coffee Press

Hario Olive Wood Cafe Press

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Hario is another well known and well trusted brand amongst French press coffee lovers. The Hario Coffee Press – Olivewood is a customer favorite because of its modern design and beautiful olivewood finish. Hario also offers an Olive Wood Cafe Press which provides the same modern edgy olive wood finish, with a more simple brewing process. Hario is a well-known brand that prides itself with making delicious rich French press coffee.

OXO French Press

OXO French Press

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OXO’s French press options offer a selection of coffee makers that create a full-bodied coffee. Shoppers are encouraged to try the OXO Revive French press and the OXO Venture French press. Both products offer the full-flavour experience, created by the steel filter, and a durable shatter resistant build. As one of the world’s most coveted coffee maker brands, OXO continues to excel as a leading brand on the market.

Enjoy the optimal French press experience by purchasing a quality French press coffee maker. Follow this guide and you’ll never go back to basic coffee making again, we promise!