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Flair Espresso Maker

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The Famous Flair Espresso maker has become well known for its rich, full bodied espresso shots along with its long lasting design. We are glad to be an Australian Stockist and providing this great product to coffee lovers alike.

The flair espresso maker is a unique entry in the espresso making market. While most espresso makers rely on steam and electricity to do the work, the flair espresso maker uses pure human, mechanical power to deliver your precious brew.

Flair espresso maker reviews tend to focus on the unique characteristics of the brew that is produced by this method. However, I’d like to focus more on how special it is because of its unique human powered operation.

Instead of using electricity and steam, the flair espresso maker uses hydraulic power to generate the pressure needed to push water at high pressure past the coffee grounds to gain its flavor.

Since it does not need electricity and thanks to its highly compact form which can further be compacted to make it easier to carry around makes it highly portable. It has its carrying case.

It does not need any disposable pods making the flair espresso maker an environmentally friendly coffee maker. Thanks to its unique technology, it is really like a coffee press but more advanced.

If you have a flair for something new and different, why not consider the flair espresso maker to add to your collection. We are pleased to offer it to Australia. Order yours today

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