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Bring the cafe to your home with Gaggia’s unmatched coffee machines.

Gaggia specializes in creating an espresso machine that guarantees a delectable coffee machines experience. Whether you’re an experienced coffee aficionado or a beginner coffee maker, Gaggia Classic coffee machines are easy to use and perfect for anyone.

Manufactured and designed in Italy, Gaggia prides itself on creating the best coffee machine, classic yet modern coffee and espresso machines that are built to last.

Created with traditional Italian manufacturing, the Gaggia Classic coffee machine is known for its unmatched precision and control. No other home coffee machine will stand the test of time like the Gaggia Coffee Machine, its stainless steel design is sleek and durable.

The modern control switches make the Gaggia Classic easy to use. Boil, brew, and steam like a professional with your coffee machine Gaggia, with the user-friendly steam wand and brass filter holder. The Gaggia conventional group head features a 3-way solenoid valve for efficiency and easy clean-up.

The Gaggia coffee machines classic kit includes extra baskets that help to create the ideal grind size and delicious cream. The aluminum boiler and built-in water pump reach 15 bar pressure, creating a delicious espresso coffee stream in record timing.

All Gaggia coffee products such as the Gaggia Brera are designed with the user in mind. The Gaggia Classic collection of coffee machines features all of the items needed to achieve a delicious professional-grade espresso with a delectable crema layer.

Enhance your coffee machines experience with the Gaggia Classic Bottomless Portafilter. The Gaggia portafilter is designed to make the coffee machines extraction process easier and the espresso more delicious. The Gaggia portafilter gives a full view of the coffee machines extraction process allowing for the perfect espresso coffee shot.

Channel your inner barista with Gaggia Classic coffee technology.

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