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GSI Outdoors have been in business since 1985, when siblings Don, Ian and Kathy Scott made their way down the west coast from from British Columbia to San Diego. There, they founded GSI Outdoors. Since moving to Spokane, Washington in 1995, GSI Outdoors has only continued to grow, and what began as a small distribution company selling blue enamel tableware has expanded into outdoor cookware, eating and drinking products: which now includes their amazing travel coffee gear. 

Sharing a passion for food, specifically in the great outdoors, these guys of course know that if you love coffee, you’re going to need your fix. Whether you’re just on the road, camping, or even at base camp, their comprehensive range of brewers, cups, espresso makers and travel grinders are custom designed for the outdoors. Meaning you needn’t ever compromise on the quality of coffee, ever. Whatever your coffee preference in fact, and however deep you like to get into the process, GSI outdoors’s custom designed and built camping coffee range enables you to have your best brew, no matter how far from civilisation you get. 

If you need any form of travel coffee, check out our full range and stop compromising on quality on the road. 

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