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The Melitta Coffee brand has long been considered among the best. In 1900s Germany, Amalie Melitta got frustrated with percolator coffee and experimented with blotting paper, resulting in a less bitter brew. In 1908, Amalie patented the paper filter and the Melitta company was born.

With 100 plus years of specialist knowledge, Melitta coffee machines are ultra-high tech, reflecting the heritage and catering to a wide range of ‘cofficianados’. High pressure pushes hot water through and the briefest contact with the coffee means fewer bitter substances are released.

The Melitta Drip Coffee pot is fast and easy to use. Its simplicity gives you full control and allows you to consistently brew your perfect cup. Also available is the ever-popular Melitta Porcelain Coffee Maker. Designed to perfectly fit the Melitta Coffee Carafe, it is suitable for most mugs. This classic completes any contemporary kitchen. The Melitta Coffee Percolator continues to be a favourite and now brews a much smoother cup than the original percolator process.

Melitta also insists on making the machines easy to maintain. Finding out the best way to optimise results from your Melitta Coffee filters is straightforward; search the many blogs, guides and Melitta coffee maker reviews available. Now, which machine to buy? Check out our variety of products today if you’re looking to purchase Melitta coffee machines in Australia.

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