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TempTag is exactly what it says it is: a tag which can read the temperature. Founded in Melbourne, often thought of as the spiritual home of Australian Coffee, Temptag emerged in 2009 as a start-up retailer. Their unique product quickly allowed them to expand, and they now trade globally. Their attachable milk jug thermometers are a revolutionary idea, allowing Baristas to consistently to assess the temperature of their milk 100% hygienically. Temptag has been officially certified as an Australian Made product by the Australian Made Campaign.

Of course, the standard thermometer is still a useful tool, but require regular cleaning in use to ensure hygiene and to prevent cross-contamination, as they are placed into the milk itself. With Temptags external stick-on thermometers, Barista can spend less time cleaning and more time making great coffee. 

Also offering a range of milk jugs with the tech pre-fitted, Temp tag is super accurate, meaning there is no compromise on quality. They also eliminate the need for calibration, unlike some traditional thermometers. Temptag supports a number of local universities, Barista training colleges and TAFE institutions who use their tools for teaching and coffee training.

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