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With the Chestnut G1 Manual Coffee Grinder winning the 2017 Red Dot Award and recently the Chestnut X winning the 2020 Good Design Award, Timemore Coffee has quickly become the go-to brand for both professional and home-brew coffee lovers alike. In fact, anyone seeking speciality coffee gear can invest in this stylish range with confidence. The range is exceptionally well-designed, built and packaged.

Rapidly becoming industry leaders, according to every Timemore Grinder review, the Chestnut range includes a grinder to suit every pocket – Nano is the best portable manual coffee grinder, the Timemore Slim Hand Grinder provides a beautiful mid-level alternative and the Chestnut C2 is the perfect entry-level grinder.

With a high-density stainless-steel filter, v-shaped spout and smart lines, the Timemore French Press and its little brother the Timemore Small U French Press both bring a contemporary twist to the traditional coffee plunger. And if a straightforward pour over coffee is more your thing, the stylish Timemore Pour Over Kettle offers excellent flow rate control from the gooseneck spout. Given the build quality and excellent design of the Timemore coffee range, we predict that Timemore products will grow in popularity with coffee addicts.

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