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Coffee accessories can be a tricky proposition. On the one hand, a coffee buff ought to know that he needs more than just a coffee maker and where to buy coffee accessories. On the other hand, a lot of add-ons can feel a bit like up-sells – they aren’t always required but may be pushed on the buyer so the salesman can make a commission. Nevertheless, here are a few coffee machine accessories that are a must for any coffee lover.

Coffee machines eventually get dirty from use. Invest in high-quality coffee machine cleaning tools to make sure that your coffee machine is always cranking out excellent quality coffee. The last thing you want is for your beautiful coffee machine to produce weak coffee because of residue from your previous brews.

No set of coffee machine accessories is complete without descalers. Descalers are a necessity because of impurities in the water we use to make coffee. Some of the residues from the water will eventually clog the pipes and reduce the efficiency of the coffee machine. Use a good quality descaler to keep things going great for your device.

Finally, a good set of measuring tools is a must. If you ever want to appear a professional, you need barista accessories like measuring spoons and cups.


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